What Is Augmentin 625mg?

Prescription medications often come in a variety of different formulations and doses, particularly compared from one country to the next. One such medication, Augmentin, is made by GlaxoSmithKline and is a combination of two different antibiotics.

Adam Cloe
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Antibiotics Recommended for Infected Wounds

The antibiotic is chosen based on the bacteria present. Oral antibiotics are taken by mouth, while IV antibiotics are administered through a needle directly into the bloodstream.

Dr. Scott Fannin
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The 5 Worst Fast Food Chains for Antibiotics Use & the 5 Best

The National Resources Defense Council published their annual report, Chain Reaction, which report ranks the top 25 U.S. fast-food and casual restaurant chains based on their use of, policies on and transparency regarding antibiotics. Here are the five worst and five best restaurants on their list.

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12 Killer Superbugs That Could Cause the World's Next Plague

It's not like you have to worry about dying o spreading a plague to all of mankind, right? Wrong. These killer superbugs could cause the world's next plague.

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What Is the Difference Between Penicillin & Amoxicillin?

Penicillin and amoxicillin are more alike than different, but there are minor differences between these drugs, including indications for use, form and dosing.

Kathleen Blanchard, R.N.
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The Effects of Antibiotics on the Fetus

Antibiotics are derived naturally from molds and bacteria or are synthesized in a laboratory and are used to treat bacterial infections. As with other drugs taken during pregnancy, antibiotics may reach the fetus by crossing the placenta and can affect the fetus in several ways.

Shamala Pulugurtha
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Antibiotics to Treat Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis, a common condition often referred to as a sore throat, is an inflammation of the tonsils caused by either a bacterial or viral infection. Treatment depends on the cause and usually is delayed until lab test results are known.

Joanna Kaufman
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Zithromax And Acne

Azithromycin is a prescription-only antibiotic sold in generic form and under the brand name Zithromax. It is one of the antibiotics used for treating moderate to severe cases of acne, including inflammatory acne.

Shelley Moore
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Is Taking an Antibiotic and Eating Fruit Safe?

Antibiotics are routinely prescribed to treat infections, and the kind your physician prescribes depends on the type of germ thatís likely to have caused your condition. Itís important to take your antibiotic exactly as instructed. This may include avoiding certain food-drug interactions, some of which involve fruits.

Meg Campbell
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A Toothache That Is Worse After an Antibiotic

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), dental emergencies are extremely common and cause missed time at work and school. Most emergencies are the result of a severe toothache. Analgesics and antibiotics are frequently prescribed to relieve the pain.

Dr. Steve Tuggle
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Why Do Antibiotics Help With Inflammation?

Inflammation is one of your bodyís primary defenses against trauma or foreign invasion. Swelling, redness and other signs of inflammation represent part of an automatic reaction to a wide variety of insults, ranging from a minor scratch to a life-threatening infection.

Fred Schubert
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Benefits of Probiotics While Taking Antibiotics

Trillions of bacteria live in your body. Most are part of the gut microbiota, the helpful intestinal bacteria and yeasts that provide a variety of benefits -- destroying disease-causing bugs, aiding in food digestion, producing vitamins and strengthening your immune system.

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