7 Ways to Tell if a Weight-Loss Program Is Actually Legit

There are many weight-loss programs out there, and some are better than others. Here's how to tell the trustworthy and effective plans from the scams.

How Whole30 Really Works — and How to Get Started

We've compiled everything you need to know about the Whole30 diet, from what it is to who should try it and what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Easy way to reduce your sugar intake

If you faintly but surely "know" that the cause of obesity in the United States is fat, then many people are just like you.

You should cover your mouth and nose instead of hands when you sneeze,

When you feel like sneezing or coughing, cover your mouth to prevent the spread of infectious bacteria. You may know this.

Why Exercise Alone May Not Be the Key to Weight Loss?

But it may not burn too much extra calories. An interesting new study studies the behavior and metabolism of exercised mice and finds that the behavior of mice does not change when they are not on the runner.

How Nighttime Tablet and Phone Use Disturbs Sleep

Some research and case reports indicate that reading a bed before using a tablet or mobile phone may affect sleep quality. The researchers conducted a small experiment to verify this claim.

Survivors of suicides: don't live in guilt

When I was a child, my father came up with a new way to commit suicide, just as my shoe size had to be increased as often. My penny loafers, his pills; my plastic sandals, his carbon monoxide; my Martin boots, his razor. The suicide attempt at my 4, 10 and 28 years old is the most dangerous of the three.

Getting ‘Consent’ for Sex Is Too Low a Bar

When adults talk to young people about sex, the standard speech includes the warning that they must obtain consent before stepping up intimacy to the next level. Here’s the problem: guidance that centers on the term “consent” suggests that a legal standard for permissible sexual interactions is also a decent or desirable one.

How to Go Back to a Flip Phone

The lack of physicality is what I first noticed, said Katy Reid, 29. In February, she gave up her iPhone and switched to a flip phone.

When and what we eat eat may be critical for our health?

Nutritionists have long debated what the best daily diet is for an ideal health condition. But now some experts believe that it is important not only to eat, but also when to eat

Why shouldn't you shout loudly to your child?

In the past 50 years, there have been fewer and fewer ways to discipline children with spanking. But yelling? Almost everyone will be embarrassed by the children from time to time, even those who know that it is useless. Howling is probably the least sensible behavior of today's parents.

How Much Alcohol Is Safe to Drink? None, Say These Researchers

A new large study shows that drinking only one glass a day can also lead to a slight increase in the risk of health problems.