How to Control Fever and Shivering in Children

A fever is one of the most common symptoms children experience. While it can be scary when your child has a fever, it is actually one of the body's best tools for fighting infection. Fever helps slow the growth of viruses and bacteria.

Krisha McCoy
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7 Reasons Why American Children Are Failing to Thrive

Right before the Children's Health Insurance Program is set to expire, shocking new research reveals the U.S. falls dead last when it comes to child deaths compared to peer countries.

Leah Groth
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What Causes Fever and Throwing Up in Children?

Fever and vomiting are common in children but worrisome to parents and other caregivers. In fact, these symptoms are among the most common reasons for taking children to the emergency room, according to a study published in the August 2005 issue of "[Academic Emergency Medicine.](

Dr. Ruby S. Thomas
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What Are the Causes of Yellow Teeth in Children?

Yellow teeth in children may be caused by internal factors, such as the strength and composition of the teeth, and by external factors, such as medications.

Christina McDonald-Legg
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The Effects of Vitamins on Plant Growth

Plants may be found on land or in water, but their growth depends on the nutrient level of their environment, notes the Missouri Botanical Garden. Only a steady source of nutrition can keep plants growing. Interestingly, several of the same vitamins crucial to human development also affect plant health and growth.

Sophie Bloom, M.S., L.Ac.
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How Many Calories Should a 6-Year-Old Boy Have?

With chronic diseases and obesity on the rise, it’s important for your child to develop healthy eating habits now so he can achieve optimum physical and cognitive growth, a healthy weight and a reduction in his risk for chronic disease. Growth at this stage involves changes in appetite and physical activity.

Chelsea Flahive, RDN, LD
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My Child Has Red Bumps on His Stomach

You see red bumps scattered across your child's stomach and you instantly go into worry mode. Red bumps can be as serious as scarlet fever, but they can also be as minor as a heat rash, which may itch but goes away on its own.

Ivy Morris
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Itchy Face Rash in Children With No Other Symptoms

An itchy rash on your child's face may look alarming and can cause discomfort -- but if there's no other symptoms, chances are it isn't serious. An itchy rash can even be caused by exposure to the sun. In some cases, however, your child may have an underlying condition.

Viola Horne
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Toddler Acne

Red and irritated skin, small-scale rashes or even blackheads are likely temporary conditions in your toddler. Breastfeeding toddlers may develop skin reactions to foods or medications which the mother has consumed.

Sophie Bloom, M.S., L.Ac.
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What Are the Causes of Frequent Vomiting in Children?

All children vomit from time to time, but frequent vomiting should be taken more seriously. Children—especially young children—with frequent vomiting may require admission to the hospital for management of dehydration.

Heather Gloria
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How to Keep a Child From Spitting Out Medicine

Few things in life are as frustrating and worrisome as watching your child spit out the medicine you gave her to help lower her fever, stop her terrible cough and just make her better. Most parents have been in the same situation, and it never ceases to worry any of them.

Tiffany Raiford
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This 9-Year-Old’s Double Hand Transplant Story Will Wow You

NBC Nightly News revisits the story of Zion Harvey, who a year ago became the first child ever to receive a double hand transplant.

Deborah Day
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