Why shouldn't you shout loudly to your child?

In the past 50 years, there have been fewer and fewer ways to discipline children with spanking. But yelling? Almost everyone will be embarrassed by the children from time to time, even those who know that it is useless. Howling is probably the least sensible behavior of today's parents.

What do you need to check during pregnancy?

When the husband and wife start preparing for the baby, it is best to have a pre-pregnancy check, mainly to give birth to the healthiest baby, and also for their own body protection, during the pregnancy, the two sides properly adjust the diet and exercise, for the family to be grand What is the best preparation for the baby to check during the pregnancy?

If their children are lazy, what should their parents do?

Lucy is a single-parent family girl, tall, with ponytails, more introverted, not talking, simple, but lazy, afraid of hardship, no interest in learning, discipline in class, but pay attention The power is not concentrated.After the first test after school, looking at the child's unsatisfactory results, I made up my mind to help her catch up with the class team. In the beginning, I used various methods to motivate her and praise her, but the educational effect was only three minutes of heat, and the child's learning state returned to the original state the next day.

Chrissy Teigen and Postpartum Depression — Why Her Honesty Is so Important

Postpartum depression affects up to one in five women. Chrissy Teigen's depression after the birth of her baby shows that anyone can experience this serious condition that requires medical attention.

12 Safe Exercises to Stay Fit During Pregnancy

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8 Benefits of Joining a Prenatal Yoga Class

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7 Strategies for Fitting in Exercise With a Newborn Baby

Fitting in exercise with a newborn is difficult but not impossible. A few creative strategies will help you make time for — and make the most of your time — getting fit with your baby.

Mind, Body and Spirit: 7 Reasons to Do Yoga After Pregnancy

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Is It Possible to Get Pregnant Right Before Your Period?

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The Post-Pregnancy Workout Halle Berry and Jessica Alba Swear By

Ramona Braganza's 3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone program has been used by Jessica Alba, Halle Berry and Ashlee Simpson-Ross to get back in shape post-pregnancy.

Eating Ice While Pregnant

Cravings occur frequently during pregnancy, but certain cravings, like chomping on ice, may indicate something potentially more serious than a craving for pickles and ice cream. An urge to eat non-nutritive substances, a condition called pica, can occur in pregnant women with low iron levels.