You should cover your mouth and nose instead of hands when you sneeze,

When you feel like sneezing or coughing, cover your mouth to prevent the spread of infectious bacteria. You may know this.

Survivors of suicides: don't live in guilt

When I was a child, my father came up with a new way to commit suicide, just as my shoe size had to be increased as often. My penny loafers, his pills; my plastic sandals, his carbon monoxide; my Martin boots, his razor. The suicide attempt at my 4, 10 and 28 years old is the most dangerous of the three.

What should we do for Winter precautions for patients with hypertension?

An elevated blood pressure in a healthy person generally does not directly have serious consequences. However, patients with hypertension have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease or have already had cardiovascular disease. Therefore, blood pressure should be controlled smoothly during the cold season, and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease should be controlled to minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease and death.

Winter is coming, is your blood pressure still good?

When the winter is approaching, why is it cold? Nesting at home, three or five friends, eating a hot pot to drink a little wine, playing cards and numbness in the afternoon after eating, this sounds really the warmest thing in the cold winter.

Can Taking Vitamins Cause Me to Miss My Menstrual Cycle?

Having an irregular menstrual cycle or missed period can indicate a number of natural or unnatural causes. Find out if taking vitamins is contributing.

How to Take Garlic for Colon Cleansing

Garlic is not only a healthy food, but it has beneficial antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can benefit your colon and entire body.

Tea Tree Oil Soap Benefits

Tea tree oil is renowned for its antibacterial action, which makes it a helpful presence in products like tea tree oil soap for skin, hands and even housecleaning.

How to Increase Pheromones

Natural pheromones might be responsible for how you feel about someone of the opposite sex. Learn a few simple ways to increase your pheromone levels.

Vitamins in Sperm

When you read the list of what's in sperm and the many substances contained in its seminal fluid, you'll find vitamins and many other healthful ingredients.

Can Vitamins Increase Sex Drive?

Limited evidence supports the idea that vitamins can increase your libido. A well-balanced diet and regular exercise may offer you a better way.

Lavender Oil & Pregnancy

Lavender oil is known for its ability to induce a feeling of calm. Consult with your doctor before adding lavender essential oil to your pregnancy routine.

What Essential Oils to Use for Cracked Heels

Essential oils offer a number of health benefits, including soothing cracked heels. For foot health, try lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint or lemon oil.