What do you need to check during pregnancy?


When the husband and wife start preparing for the baby, it is best to have a pre-pregnancy check, mainly to give birth to the healthiest baby, and also for their own body protection, during the pregnancy, the two sides properly adjust the diet and exercise, for the family to be grand What is the best preparation for the baby to check during the pregnancy?

Pre-pregnancy examinations are mainly routine examinations, basic health examinations, blood routine examinations, urine routine examinations, and liver and kidney function tests. More important for men is semen examination. It is a very big thing for a family to have a baby. The woman should start to supplement various nutrients and folic acid in the first three months of pregnancy. Folic acid should be added to the three months after pregnancy, and the husband and wife are guaranteed to be good every day. Lifestyle habits, such as quitting smoking and drinking alcohol, insisting on exercise every day, for the live sperm of the sperm, the health of the egg, if you have taken the contraceptive pill, you must stop it half a year in advance, so as to ensure the health of the baby.

What needs to be checked during pregnancy, from the family history of both husband and wife, the body's detection of antibodies to the virus, the basic detection of liver function and electrocardiogram, in order to confirm whether the body has the ability to give birth to the baby to make the most basic determination. For example, through the most basic blood routine examination, you can know the value of hemoglobin, whether there is a potential infection, whether there is anemia, no matter which one is abnormal, it will affect the normal development of the fetus in the future, which is not conducive to postpartum repair. It is also important to prevent the fetus from hemolysis by blood type examinations of both husband and wife. Pre-pregnancy examinations of urine routines help to confirm whether the kidneys have other diseases. If there is a burden on the female kidneys after pregnancy, it may cause kidney failure and increase the possibility of high blood pressure. .

The above information is sufficient to show that pre-pregnancy check is very important, especially to prevent the baby's health in advance. As for what needs to be checked during pregnancy, this information will be answered and arranged one by one during the hospital inspection. The hospital is inspected and the doctor completes all project inspections.


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