Benefits of Soaking Feet in Epsom Salt

Need relief from a long run or prolonged periods of standing? Here's how Epsom salt can help your aching heels.

Does Taking Vitamins Affect Birth Control?

Birth control pills are an essential medication for women who wish to delay pregnancy. Taking vitamins with your birth control may affect how well your birth control works.

How to Apply Tea Tree Oil for Ringworm

Tea tree oil has emerged as one of the safest home remedies for ringworm, athlete’s foot and other fungal infections thanks to its antimicrobial properties.

Can Adults Take Flintstone Vitamins?

Flintstones kids' vitamins offer adequate amounts of the daily value for the micronutrients adults need daily. The chewables offer more than the gummies.

What Fruits Are Good for Women Trying to Get Pregnant?

Fruit makes a healthy choice when you're trying to conceive. Nutrients found in fruit, such as vitamin C, zinc and folate, may help to improve your fertility.

10 Foods That Can Raise Sperm Count

Antioxidants can raise sperm count to improve fertility. Foods that increase sperm count are high in vitamins C, B12 and E; folate; zinc; selenium; and CoQ10.

The Dangers of Oregano Oil

Oregano oil side effects may be lethal when the oil is taken in large doses. Before using a supplement, check with your doctor to make sure it's safe for you.

7 Ways to Protect Your Mental Health Against Instagram Envy

Do you find yourself constantly falling into the comparison trap on social media? Here are seven strategies to help prevent you from falling down the rabbit hole.

9 Surprising Reasons You're Tired All the Time

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Advanced Kegel Exercises for Men

Conscious contractions and releases of the pelvic floor muscles are commonly referred to as Kegel exercises. These are often recommended to pregnant women as ways of preparing for childbirth, but men can perform them too.

How Long Does It Take to Reduce Triglycerides?

Because high triglyceride levels can contribute to heart disease, it's important to make necessary changes to your diet and increase your exercise regime.

How Much Is Too Much Vitamin B Complex?

Vitamin B complex consists of water-soluble vitamins and is well tolerated by most. But getting high doses of certain B vitamins may cause adverse side effects.