Sober September: Why Giving Up Alcohol in the Fall Is a Thing

Sober September can give you benefits to last you the rest of the year and then some if you approach it with the right intentions.

Can People Who Are Lactose Intolerant Eat Chocolate?

The amount of lactose in milk chocolate varies from one brand to another. Extra dark and dairy-free chocolate may contain milk too, so be sure to check the labels.

Supplements That Might Make You Itch

Whether from an allergic reaction or you're simply getting too much, your supplement can make you itch. Consult with your doctor to determine the exact cause.

Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil supplements, like Seven Seas, provide you with essential nutrients your body needs for good health, including omega-3 fatty acids.

The Best Way to Replace Protein After Plasma Donation

Replenish protein levels after donating plasma by eating certain foods and avoiding others; but just as important is to eat well before donating blood.

Why Aly Raisman Gave up Meat and Switched to a Plant-Based Diet

Aly Raisman recently made a major change to her diet, ditching meat and incorporating a plant-based approach to eating.

What to Eat When You Have Hives

Hives are itchy and annoying, and no food can cure them. For a quick fix, you'll have to take antihistamines. However, vitamins D and C may offer some relief.

Foods & Drinks Not to Consume With Gallbladder Problems

Your gallbladder is a storage container for bile, a substance that helps you digest fat. Eating foods that are high in fat may cause indigestion if you have gallbladder disease.

Are Oranges Good for a Cough & Phlegm?

Vitamin C positively affects the respiratory system, but oranges can't cure your cold. The amount of vitamin C needed to affect your symptoms is available only from supplements.

How to Get Nutrients Back After a Stomach Flu

If you have no appetite after stomach flu, when you feel better, drink lots of fluids and eat nutritious foods containing protein, probiotics and electrolytes that will help you recover quickly.

List of Acceptable Foods for Patients Taking Coumadin

You may need to limit your intake of foods high in vitamin K when taking Coumadin, but you're still left with plenty of healthy foods to create balanced meals.

10 Healthy Chicken Recipes From Keto Enchiladas to Pad Thai Zoodles

A roundup of healthy chicken recipes for lunch or dinner that are flavorful and inspired by some of our favorite meals.