What kind of food is the most fattening?

A fundamental and unresolved issue in obesity research is what foods are most likely to cause obesity. The reasons given by experts vary, such as foods that contain fat or sugar or foods that lack protein, as they may cause us to eat too much without knowing it. For any obesity culprit, a lot of trivial rebuttal evidence can be gathered, but there are few long-term and large-scale experimental studies on dietary habits. It is neither ethical nor realistic for a healthy subject to overeating a certain food for a long time until obesity.

The easiest way to improve your quality of life is sleep

Imagine: Someone came over to sell a brand new magical pill.This tablet can significantly improve your memory, overall cognitive performance, ability to learn new information, ability to accept facial expressions, mood, ability to deal with problems, metabolism, heart disease and immune system

What do you need to check during pregnancy?

When the husband and wife start preparing for the baby, it is best to have a pre-pregnancy check, mainly to give birth to the healthiest baby, and also for their own body protection, during the pregnancy, the two sides properly adjust the diet and exercise, for the family to be grand What is the best preparation for the baby to check during the pregnancy?

What should we do for Winter precautions for patients with hypertension?

An elevated blood pressure in a healthy person generally does not directly have serious consequences. However, patients with hypertension have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease or have already had cardiovascular disease. Therefore, blood pressure should be controlled smoothly during the cold season, and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease should be controlled to minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease and death.

Winter is coming, is your blood pressure still good?

When the winter is approaching, why is it cold? Nesting at home, three or five friends, eating a hot pot to drink a little wine, playing cards and numbness in the afternoon after eating, this sounds really the warmest thing in the cold winter.

4 strokes making your armrm lines look better by strengthen your biceps

Those who pursue the muscles of the arm muscles must not be sloppy in training the biceps. If you want to exercise strong and good biceps, it is definitely not enough to lift dumbbells. GQ today provides 4 kinds of exercises to strengthen the biceps. Your arms are stronger!

Simple Rules for Healthy Eating

In the past few months, I have mentioned many times in the article that nutrition advice is rarely supported by science. My opinion is that many people may not be accurate about what you are saying. In this regard, many people asked me what nutritional advice.

How is exercise more conducive to health?

A new study published in the International Journal of Epidemiology (International Journal of Epidemiology) on March 24th by researchers at Queen's University in Ontario, Canada, found that similar running is the case when the total calorie consumption per unit of body weight is the same.

Fitness novices must notice: these 5 big mistakes and 6 bad habits must be avoided

When you start to get used to the gym and exercise your muscles, after a while, you find that the effect is not good. What is wrong? For fitness novices, some habits may hinder your fitness outcomes. The five common mistakes mentioned by fitness journalist Adam Bornstein, see if you have made these mistakes too?

3 strokes! Strengthen the core muscles and say goodbye to belly fat

During fitness, most of you will focus on the chest, back muscles and other parts, so that your body looks thicker, and GQ has also introduced a lot of related moves. This time I want to teach you three core trainings, mainly to exercise the internal and external oblique muscles, rectus abdominis, and transverse abdominis, which are difficult to be practiced in the abdomen. I want to make the upper body look more symmetrical and have a line. Learn quickly

Fitness takes time? New research: 13 minutes for speed training is enough

There is no evidence to prove that the fitness can be seen for a long time, 70 minutes, 40 minutes? Through weight training, muscle strength, and perfect muscle curves, the new study found that the so-called "speed fitness method", as long as 13 minutes, immediately makes you feel super.

Delicious and easy to make chocolate bean hurricane cake

Sitting alone, a piece of cake, a cup of coffee,Probably the most enjoyable state, a bleak comfort,Have fun with one person, make your own recipes,Bring a good mood to yourself,Just a basic cake, add chocolate beans,It is rich to put together simple materials.