4 strokes making your armrm lines look better by strengthen your biceps

 by Diane Marks

Those who pursue the muscles of the arm muscles must not be sloppy in training the biceps. If you want to exercise strong and good biceps, it is definitely not enough to lift dumbbells. GQ today provides 4 kinds of exercises to strengthen the biceps. Your arms are stronger!

1. barbell curl

Using barbell curl exercises, you can strengthen your biceps and achieve different effects with the width of the grip. The general standard is that when the shoulder width is the same, the force on the lateral cephalic muscle and the medial cephalic muscle can be evenly distributed; when the grip is wider, the force on the inner two muscles will be less than the pressure on the lateral biceps, so during practice It can often be a different wide distance, which helps the biceps exercise.

2. sitting posture

Sitting posture training, in addition to training the shoulder muscles, can also help strengthen the energy of the arm muscles, so in other biceps exercise methods, there can be greater burst energy.

3. stretch oblique push

Sitting on a reclining dumbbell can stretch the biceps. As you stretch your arm, you can gain more training on the outside of the biceps by retracting the energy, which will make your arm look from the side. When there is a better shape.

4. Use resistance rope

The resistance rope provides linear variable motion energy. When you stretch the resistance rope, the higher the bench press and the stretch, the greater the resistance to stretching. The resistance increases with the pushing action, you must stimulate more and more two heads. Muscle muscle fibers, which can help increase muscle strength.


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