Fitness novices must notice: these 5 big mistakes and 6 bad habits must be avoided

 by Rick Rockwell

When you start to get used to the gym and exercise your muscles, after a while, you find that the effect is not good. What is wrong? For fitness novices, some habits may hinder your fitness outcomes. The five common mistakes mentioned by fitness journalist Adam Bornstein, see if you have made these mistakes too?

When you start to get used to the gym and exercise your muscles, after a while, you find that the effect is not good. What is wrong? For fitness novices, some habits may hinder your fitness outcomes. The five common mistakes mentioned by fitness journalist Adam Bornstein, see if you have made these mistakes too?

1. The number of training falls within the same range

When you are used to 6-12 times in each group, the muscles will gradually remember your exercise energy, and the indirect effect will be limited. Therefore, it is recommended to increase the number of each group, such as a group to 20, or Increase the number of groups to strengthen muscle endurance.

2. Only do the same training

When you are over-reliant on the same equipment training, the muscles will get used to remembering the movements. In fact, the muscles love to learn different movements. Therefore, it is recommended to use different equipment to accelerate the fitness results when exercising the muscles in the same part of the body.

3. Only single joint training

Many people are accustomed to using dumbbells to practice part of the muscles. Although this single joint training can make the target muscles more focused on practice, it is recommended to use multi-joint training (such as barbell referral) to effectively achieve the muscle training.

4. Single set of training

In the same way, when you only do a group of training for each type of equipment, the fitness effect is of course limited. It is recommended to increase the number of groups according to the steps of body energy accumulation, or adjust the fitness speed to strengthen the muscles' ability to respond.

5. Do too much aerobic exercise

When you have done a high degree of weight training, if you have intensive aerobic exercise, it will make your body unaffordable, so it will also affect the fitness effect. If you really want to use aerobic exercise to adjust your heart and lungs, you can adopt progressive and gentle training. The way will not affect your health.

In addition, for the thin man, the muscles that are hard to practice are as precious as the baby. After all, you must go through continuous exercise and diet control to achieve the effect; but some bad habits in life may damage your muscles or block you. The road to gaining muscles, here also specially sort out 6 bad habits that may damage the muscles, carefully change:

1、Excessive exercise

Muscles need to rest after exercise. Generally, the small muscle group recovers for 48 hours, and the large muscle group needs at least 72 hours to recover.

Many people like to use some aerobic exercise after weight exercise to try to create a more beautiful muscle line, but if you are more slim, too much aerobic exercise will consume your body energy, and if you don't have enough fat Burning to power, it may start to consume muscles to maintain your aerobic exercise, equal to the previous muscle-building movements.

2. Don't like to drink water

Scientific research has shown that high-protein structure diets have a slight diuretic effect, and when the body turns proteins into energy, it consumes a lot of water.

For people who gain muscle, they must always consume a lot of protein. A high protein content diet is a daily necessity. So adding enough water every day can promote the body's absorption of protein. If you don't remember to drink water, you can download an app that reminds you to drink water and make sure you drink more than 8 glasses of water a day.

3. Ignore compound training actions

Many people like to do some single equipment training that they want to strengthen. For example, if you want to practice chest muscles, you can do dumbbells or chest clamps, but often ignore the "composite training action". The most common compound training action is bench press and hard. Pull, deep.

These exercises can promote the movement of several muscles at the same time, spreading the power to various parts of the muscles, better training the whole muscles, and promoting muscle growth.

Scientists have confirmed that lower extremity exercise can produce androgen in the body, especially the maximum amount of androgen produced by deadlift and squat, which is incomparable to any other lower limb exercise. Androgens can make you grow muscles, long muscles, long bones; and even promote your sexual desire.

4. Lack of protein supplements

After the training is completed, the body needs to convert glucose into glycogen to repair and build muscle. If you do not consume the right amount of protein after training, the muscles will be broken down into amino acids, which are then converted to glucose to meet your energy needs.

Therefore, after the training is completed, you must take in a certain amount of carbohydrates and the required protein. In the process of digesting the protein, the body will divide the protein into lysine. The body will use different methods for the amino acid, and they will combine them. Get up, constitute the muscle tissue we want, and thus play a role in muscle growth.

5. Smoking and drinking

Usually only 30-270 capillaries are open in the muscle cross section of the human body, and as many as 2000-3000 in fitness exercise. The number of people who exercise regularly will increase greatly even in normal times. Nicotine in tobacco promotes capillaries. Shrinkage hardening greatly reduces the exercise effect. At the same time, it will also consume the reserves of vitamin C in the human body, and completely destroy human health.

If you want to gain muscle, you should not stop smoking but definitely stop smoking.

In addition, alcohol is not low in calories. Like sugar, oil and starch, from the perspective of fat loss, drinking does not help to reduce fat. Drinking alcohol also affects organs. Alcohol is mainly metabolized and detoxified by the liver. The human body will increase the burden on the liver. The anaerobic exercise during exercise itself consumes liver glycogen through the liver. Protein also needs to be metabolized by the liver. There is already some pressure on the liver. Drinking alcohol will only make the liver more susceptible to damage and make the protein less susceptible to the body. absorb.

6. Poor work

In general, human hormone secretion enters the peak from 11-12 in the evening, and this is also the best time for human body to grow and repair.

If you stay up all night, it will affect the recovery process of the muscles, and the fitness effect will not be achieved. If you don't get enough sleep, the maximum weight you can bear during practice will drop dramatically, so that because the muscles don't get the maximum strength, it is possible to stop the expansion and growth. It is obvious that a good work is a necessary condition in the process of muscle building. .


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