The Get Strong in 2019 Challenge

 by Rachel Grice

This 30-Day GET STRONG IN 2019 Challenge will help you build muscle, eat better and lose weight. We'll provide tools & daily motivation to help you reach your goals!

Want to GET STRONG in 2019? The LIVESTRONG.COM team is here to bring you the 30-Day Get Strong in 2019 Challenge. We're giving you everything you need to jump-start your goals — whether it's to build muscle, eat better or lose weight.

Every day — delivered straight to your email — you'll get a follow-along workout with CrossFit athlete and fitness influencer Jordan Shalhoub, a creative and healthy recipe to try, motivational memes and playlists to keep you going and plenty of tips and advice on everything from dealing with muscle soreness to eating healthy at restaurants (and everything in between).

How Does This Challenge Work?

Once you've signed up for the challenge, keep an eye on your inbox for the day's plan. Everything you need will be linked in one convenient place — no need to bookmark or track down anything.

In general, though, you'll have one workout you can do each day. The schedule is as follows:

*NOTE: Whatever day you start on is day 1, so you'll start with the resistance band booty workout. Once you reach day 8, start over with the workouts and repeat this order of workouts for the entire challenge.

Plus, each week you'll have a different healthy eating goal (see below for each week's goal), and every day, you'll get a recipe tailored to that goal to make reaching it even easier!

Want a sneak peek of what each day's challenge will bring? Here are the links to all the motivational articles you'll get each day.

Week 1

Healthy Eating Goal: Cut Out Refined Sugar

Week 2

Healthy Eating Goal: Add More Protein to Your Breakfast

Week 3

Healthy Eating Goal: Bring a Healthy Lunch to Work

Weeks 4 & 5

Healthy Eating Goal: Transform Your Favorite Comfort Foods

How to Join the Get Strong in 2019 Challenge

Ready to get started? OK! Here are four easy steps to make sure you're on your way to getting stronger this year.

1. Sign Up for Daily Emails

There are two main places this challenge is taking place online — your inbox and our Facebook group (more on that in a second). So first, make sure you've entered your email to sign up for the Get Strong in 2019 Challenge. (Yep, even if you're already signed up for our regular daily newsletter.)

Every day, we'll be sending you your daily workout and a healthy recipe to try, along with fun extras like workout playlists, motivational quotes, self-care tips and other fitness and nutrition information to make 2019 your best (and healthiest) year ever!

2. Print Out Your Calendars

Isn't it so satisfying to check things off of your to-do list? Each day during the Get Strong in 2019 Challenge, you're accountable for two main things: working out and eating healthy.

To help keep you on track for the entire month, we created two calendars — one with each day's workouts listed and another with each week's nutrition goal and healthy recipes. Print them out and check off each workout and day of healthy eating as you complete it.

3. Join Our Challenge Facebook Group

For daily support, motivation and camaraderie with LIVESTRONG.COM team members, join our Facebook Group for the Get Strong in 2019 Challenge. We'll share recipes, tips, motivations, pictures and more! Plus, we'll answer all your questions.

4. Share Your Journey on Social Media

Are you on Instagram or Twitter? So are we! And we'd love to see photos and updates of your progress. When you post to social media, be sure to use the hashtag #GetStrongChallenge. That way, you can also connect with other Get Strong challengers!


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