Get Strong in 2019 Challenge Day 2: Make Your At-Home Workouts Super Effective

 by Rachel Grice

Look at you, already on Day 2! You’re visualizing your goals and ready to make lasting changes to help you reach and maintain them.

Look at you, already on day 2! You're visualizing your goals and ready to make lasting changes to help you reach and maintain them. But we get it; you have a busy life. Between work and personal commitments, your plate is pretty full. Sometimes that means there's just no time to drive to the gym.

So why not bring the gym to you? All you need is a few key pieces of equipment you can pick up at your local sporting good store or order online so it's shipped straight to your door! Some workouts (like our STRONGER series) require zero equipment at all. So you're nearly out of excuses to not get your workout done.

How to Create an At-Home Gym

First, decide where you're going to exercise. Maybe you have a garage or basement you can transform into your at home gym. Or perhaps you need to get a little more creative and clear out some space in the living room or even your bedroom. The space doesn't have to be large. In fact, most exercises require only the space of a yoga mat.

Next, you'll need to stock your home gym. Depending on what workout program you're doing, you'll want to double check on what equipment you'll need. But in general, here's a good list to get you started:

  • Dumbbells (a light, medium and heavy set is a good place to start)
  • Resistance bands (again, light, medium and heavy is recommended)
  • Yoga mat
  • Weight bench
  • Foam roller
  • Medicine ball

And if you want to get fancy, you might even consider some of the following pieces of equipment:

  • Plyo box
  • Kettlebell
  • Sliders
  • Weighted vest
  • Pull-up bar (you can find some you can mount in a doorway)
  • Weight machines

Lastly, you'll want to pick a workout program and actually DO the workouts. (Remember, your workouts don't work unless you do!) If you're doing the Get Strong workouts with us, here are all the workouts you'll need:

If you don't have all the necessary equipment or you want to add a little variety to your workout routine, make sure you check out the LIVESTRONG Woman YouTube channel. There are plenty of workouts you can do anytime, anywhere — with or without equipment.

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Tips for Maximizing Your At-Home Workouts

You have your home gym set up — now what? Here are some helpful tips to make the most of your at-home workouts.

  • Schedule Your Workout: Set a time each day when you plan to work out. This time can change from day to day if you have a variable schedule. But the point is: Put time on the calendar and make it a non-negotiable appointment.
  • Respect Your Workout Time: It might be tempting to check your email, change the laundry over or tend to crying kiddos in between sets. But this is you time! And as long as everyone else in the house is safe and healthy, let them know that you'll tend to any problems after your sweat session.
  • Sleep in Your Workout Clothes: If you want to get your workout done first thing in the morning, try wearing your workout clothes to bed (make sure they're clean first!). That way, all you have to do is roll out of bed and get going.
  • Gather All Your Equipment Before You Start: Stopping your workout so you can go grab your weights or resistance bands takes you out of the zone and makes it easier to quit mid-workout. So make sure you have everything you need before you start.
  • Wear the Right Shoes: Unless you're doing something like yoga or Pilates, you'll want to wear shoes during your workout — you don't want carpet burn. If you're worried about tracking dirt in, have a separate pair that you only use for at-home workouts.
  • Keep a Water Bottle With You: Sure, water's only a few steps away in the kitchen, but just like having all your equipment nearby, it's important to have a full water bottle within arm's reach during your workout.
  • Make Sure You Have Music: Having a rocking playlist can help motivate you to get through your workout. So set one up beforehand with all your favorite, high-energy tunes.
  • Meal Prep Your Post-Workout Snacks: Chances are you'll be hungry after your workout. So do yourself a favor and have a post-workout snack ready and waiting for you. Make sure it's a good mix of protein and carbohydrates.
  • Remember to Shower: This one should be easy, since you have your own shower in your home and don't have to worry about the cleanliness of gym showers. But once you're done with your sweat session, strip down and wash that sweat away.

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Get Creative With Your At-Home Workouts

Working out in the comfort of your own home is a convenient way to get strong this year. But if you need a bit more guidance, check out these great resources:

How to Join the Get Strong in 2019 Challenge

Are you a part of the Get Strong in 2019 Challenge yet? If not, here are four easy steps to make sure you're on your way to getting stronger this year.

1. Sign Up for Daily Emails

There are two main places this challenge is taking place online — your inbox and our Facebook group (more on that in a second). So first, make sure you've entered your email to sign up for the Get Strong in 2019 Challenge. (Yep, even if you're already signed up for our regular daily newsletter.)

Every day, we'll be sending you your daily workout and a healthy recipe to try, along with fun extras like workout playlists, motivational quotes, self-care tips and other fitness and nutrition information to make 2019 your best (and healthiest) year ever!

2. Print Out Your Calendars

Isn't it so satisfying to check things off of your to-do list? Each day during the Get Strong in 2019 Challenge, you're accountable for two main things: working out and eating healthy.

To help keep you on track for the entire month, we created two calendars — one with each day's workouts listed and another with each week's nutrition goal and healthy recipes. Print them out and check off each workout and day of healthy eating as you complete it.

3. Join Our Challenge Facebook Group

For daily support, motivation and camaraderie with LIVESTRONG.COM team members, join our Facebook Group for the Get Strong in 2019 Challenge. We'll share recipes, tips, motivations, pictures and more! Plus, we'll answer all your questions.

4. Share Your Journey on Social Media

Are you on Instagram or Twitter? So are we! And we'd love to see photos and updates of your progress. When you post to social media, be sure to use the hashtag #GetStrongChallenge. That way, you can also connect with other Get Strong challengers!



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