What should we do for Winter precautions for patients with hypertension?

An elevated blood pressure in a healthy person generally does not directly have serious consequences. However, patients with hypertension have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease or have already had cardiovascular disease. Therefore, blood pressure should be controlled smoothly during the cold season, and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease should be controlled to minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease and death.

Anna Waldrop
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Winter is coming, is your blood pressure still good?

When the winter is approaching, why is it cold? Nesting at home, three or five friends, eating a hot pot to drink a little wine, playing cards and numbness in the afternoon after eating, this sounds really the warmest thing in the cold winter.

Anna Waldrop
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What Happens When Diastolic Blood Pressure Is High?

While systolic blood pressure is commonly associated with a greater risk of cardiovascular disease, elevations in diastolic pressure also pose health risks.

Sydney Hornby, M.D.
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What Is a Healthy Blood Pressure for a Teen?

Blood pressure in teens is interpreted using standardized charts, which are based on gender, age and height.

Melanie Clatfelter
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How Do You Take Blood Pressure Reading in the Leg?

Blood pressure can be measured from any artery that runs the near the surface of the skin. The basic way of measuring blood pressure is to apply pressure (using an air-filled cuff) to the artery and listening to the blood as it courses through the arteries.

Adam Cloe
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How to Diagnose Blood Pressure Without a Blood Pressure Cuff

As a person's heart beats, it pumps blood through their vascular system. For blood to flow from the heart to the tissues, the arteries must be pressurized. High blood pressure can cause organ and tissue damage, while overly-low blood pressure can mean that tissues aren't getting enough oxygen.

Kirstin Hendrickson
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Sodium Content of Meat Products

You've probably heard reports that many Americans consume too much sodium for good health. Although reducing the amount of table salt in your meals is one remedy, it can be easy to forget that sodium is a natural part of many foods and also added to processed products, sometimes in high amounts.

Joanne Marie
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What Are the Benefits of Kefir?

Kefir is a thick drink made by fermenting milk with kefir grains composed of lactic acid bacteria, yeast and polysaccharides. The grains culture the milk, infusing it with healthy organisms.

Andrea Cespedes
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Why Does Diastolic Blood Pressure Stay the Same During Exercise?

Diastolic blood pressure is the pressure on your artery walls between heartbeats. Diastolic pressure usually is described in combination with systolic pressure (the pressure exerted on your arterial wall during the heart’s contraction), and is the lower of the two numbers in your blood pressure reading.

Claire Lunardoni
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Diets for Factor Five Blood

Having a blood factor of five means that your blood contains a particular hereditary gene that is passed down through your parents. The condition, known as Factor V Leiden, causes your blood to coagulate more frequently and more quickly than normal.

Bryan Lutz
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How to Raise Diastolic Pressure

The bottom number of a blood pressure reading is called the diastolic number, and it is a measurement of the pressure in the arteries as your heart muscle relaxes following a contraction. Low diastolic pressure is often referred to as hypotension.

Virginia Franco
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How to Lower the Bottom Number on a Blood Pressure Reading

Follow doctor's recommendations, each case different Prehypertension vs hypertension epidemiology, causes, essential why lower?

Lori Rice
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