Pelvis Circulation Exercises

Increasing circulation to your pelvis can help improve your balance and strength. Pelvis circulation exercises stimulate muscles that are attached to the bones in your pelvic region.

Miguel Cavazos
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How to Improve Poor Circulation in the Hands and Feet

Poor circulation in your hands and feet usually signals peripheral artery disease. Treatment to improve the condition includes a combination of medical and lifestyle measures.

Linda Ray
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Increase Blood Circulation in the Head During Sleep

Several serious medical conditions can restrict circulation to the head, both during sleep and waking hours. Thankfully, many of these problems can be treated to help restore blood flow to the brain while sleeping.

James Roland
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Remedies to Improve Blood Circulation in Legs & Feet

Poor circulation to the legs and feet can develop from unhealthy lifestyle habits, vascular disease or traumatic injury. Medications, lifestyle changes and surgery are remedies used to improve blood flow in the legs and feet. Severe cases of poor circulation may or may not be amenable to surgical intervention.

Kathleen Blanchard, R.N.
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Function of Proteases

Proteases are enzymes that catalyze the breakdown of proteins. Protein breakdown is a normal process necessary to maintain cellular homeostasis. Active proteases can be found throughout your body, including the digestive tract, inside cells and circulating in the blood.

Michael Crosier
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How to Improve Blood Circulation in Hands

Poor blood circulation in your hands is often a source of discomfort or pain when performing many everyday activities.

Daniel Barrows
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How to Improve Circulation of Oxygen to Brain

Oxygen helps your brain to function, but many of your daily activities or habits may inhibit circulation of blood, oxygen and other nutrients in your brain and throughout your cerebrospinal system.

Miguel Cavazos
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How to Improve the Circulation in Your Calf, Ankle & Foot

Poor circulation in your calves, ankles and feet is typically heralded by a prickly feeling or even complete numbness in the lower extremities.

Kay Ireland
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How to Naturally Cleanse Your Blood

Cleansing the blood naturally may be helpful for building an individual's immune system, removing cholesterol and balancing the pH in the body. There are certain herbs, supplements and foods that may be especially effective in cleansing the blood.

Jean Bardot
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Poor Blood Circulation and Numbness When Walking

Whether you're a frequent walker or only walk when necessary, experiencing numbness or poor blood circulation in your legs should never be left untreated. Poor leg circulation has various causes, including a lack of proper nutrition, obesity or simply standing in one position for too long.

Wendy Rose Gould
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Signs & Symptoms of Poor Circulation in Arms

Poor circulation most often occurs in the legs and feet but can also affect the arms and hands. Poor circulation can be caused by numerous illnesses, including heart disease, Raynaud’s disease, blood clots and diabetes.

Camilla Peters
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How to Improve Blood Circulation to the Brain

Blood circulation is vital for your body's survival. Blood transports oxygen, fuel and nutrients to all organs of the body, including the brain. It also moves toxins and waste products to the appropriate organs for excretion. When blood flow to your brain is disrupted, you can succumb to a stroke.

Catherine Smith
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