Food to Make Finger Nails Stronger

Strong nails look good and caring for them is easy. Brittle, cracked or discolored nails can be an indication of a lack of nutrients or even health problems, like hypothyroidism. You need to take care of your body if you want it to show in your nails.

Marcia Frost
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When Can a Child Eat Popcorn?

Some food choices can pose serious safety issues for young children and are best if you wait to offer them. If you are contemplating whether you should share your next bowl of hot buttered popcorn with your child, consider a few important factors first.

Susan Revermann
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What Candy Is Safe for Toddlers?

Candy is a sweet treat that most toddlers are drawn to as often as someone is willing to give it to them. While an occasional piece of candy is unlikely to harm your toddler's overall health, regular consumption might be more damaging. Many types of candy also pose a choking hazard, and should be avoided altogether.

Sara Ipatenco
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Toddlers With Problems Eating Due to Texture

Most toddlers are picky eaters, at least at some point in their development. It's normal for toddlers to resist new foods and to prefer foods of certain textures, although the type of food your toddler likes may change from day to day.

Lisa Baker
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How to Get Toddlers to Start Chewing Their Food

As your toddler starts to transition from purees to whole foods, choking can be a concern. In addition to ensuring your childís food is cut or torn into small enough bites, you should also teach him to chew thoroughly and properly, such as chewing with his mouth closed.

Rachel Nall
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Can Diet Cause Yellow Feet & Hands in a Toddler?

As a parent, you'll treat a number of fevers and upset tummies in your children but most parents are uncertain what to do when their childís hands and feet turn a peculiar shade of yellow. In general, discolored palms in children are typically nothing to worry about.

Heather Rutherford
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Can a Toddler Have Too Much Fruit?

Youíre probably relieved if your toddler requests fruit for a snack rather than junk food, but if fruit is all she eats, your toddler might not get other nutrients vital to her growth and development. Fruit contains essential vitamins and minerals that keep your child healthy. The U.S.

Michelle Fisk
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What Do I Feed My 1-year-old Now That She's Off Formula?

A child's first birthday often marks the transition from formula to cow's milk and more solid foods. At this point, most babies already have a taste of mashed baby food and possibly table food.

Shelley Frost
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Vitamins for My 1-Year-Old

Whether your toddler is unadventurous with food or has a medical condition that prevents him from eating well, getting children to eat a balanced diet isnít always simple. Giving your 1-year-old vitamins can help ensure that your toddler gets all of the nutrients he needs to grow properly.

Rose Erickson
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Soft Food Ideas for Toddlers Cutting Molars

Toddlers are notoriously picky eaters, but the situation can become even worse when children are cutting their molars and chewing becomes painful.

Kristen Fisher
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Can 1-Year-Olds Have Orange Juice?

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that itís fine to give your 1-year-old orange juice, but stick to a serving a day. Even the pickiest toddler has a hard time resisting the sweet taste of orange juice, and it can provide your little one with a boost of essential vitamins and minerals.

Michelle Fisk
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Healthy Bedtime Snacks for Toddlers

Your toddler's stomach is small, and it is normal for him to eat frequently throughout the day. If he seems hungry an hour after dinner, a small bedtime snack may help him sleep better and wake up less hungry in the morning.

Diane Lynn
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