What Are the Dangers of Taking Two Five Hour Energy Drinks in 24 Hours?

5-Hour Energy shots can have side effects if you have too many of them in a day. Side effects include energy crashes, headaches and heart palpitations.

Siddhi Camila Lama
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Benefits of Drinking Muscle Milk Before Sleep

Muscle Milk is a protein-based supplement manufactured by the company CytoSport. This powdered supplement is intended to "provide sustained energy and recovery for performance and lifestyle," according to CytoSport.

Brian Willett
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Protein Shake Without Whey or Eggs

Consuming a protein shake around the time of exercise, especially strength training, enhances muscle growth and repair. Shakes often include whey protein, derived from milk, and egg protein because these options contain all the necessary amino acids in the right ratios in an easily digested form.

Andrea Cespedes
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Frequent Urination & Energy Drinks

Advertised as providing a quick boost, energy drinks are popular with young adults, teens and even younger children, who often drink them like sodas. This can lead to side effects such as frequent urination, which may also have other underlying causes.

Elaine Capizzi
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An Average Heart Rate After Drinking a Monster Energy Drink

Many consumers are drawn to energy drinks to feel effects such as energy boosts, enhanced concentration and increased stamina. There are many brands of energy drinks, including Monster, that provide these desired outcomes.

Shannon Neumann
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How Do Energy Drinks Affect the Brain & Motor Skills?

Energy drinks have become a very popular part of our culture, and many people substitute them for a morning cup of coffee or use them as a "pick me up" in the late hours of the afternoon. These drinks are extremely high in caffeine, a compound that has direct effects on the brain and on motor control.

Jerry Shaw
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Gatorade Vs. Smartwater

More than half your body weight consists of water, making hydration important for your health. When it comes to hydration, water is the best choice. If you exercise at a high intensity for more than an hour, however, in addition to fluids you may also need electrolytes.

Jill Corleone, RDN, LD
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Can Energy Drinks Make You Sick?

Energy drinks can provide many benefits. The caffeine and energy blend of a drink may help you stay alert, improve mood, increase cognitive function and give you a short-term boost of energy. Many also provide a significant amount of certain vitamins.

Elizabeth Wolfenden
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Monster Energy Drinks and Diarrhea

Monster energy drinks are marketed as a beverage that increases energy levels. These beverages are available in a variety of flavors such as toffee, mocha, tea and fruit and come in regular as well as sugar-free versions.

Maura Banar
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How Long Should You Wait After a Meal to Drink Muscle Milk?

The protein supplement Muscle Milk contains up to 50 percent of your daily protein needs in a single serving, and has 20 percent or greater of 20 essential vitamins and minerals.

Ryan Haas
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Diabetic Energy Drinks

One out of every five dollars spent on soft drinks is used to buy an energy drink, according to the website Market Research World. For a quick boost to your energy levels, these drinks are very alluring to the overworked and over-tired crowd.

Jill Corleone, RDN, LD
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Diet Coke Withdrawal

Diet Coke withdrawal refers to the symptoms associated with caffeine dependency from the consumption of Diet Coke. A no-calorie drink such as Diet Coke contains more caffeine than regular Coke to make up for lack of sugar content. Regular Coke contains 35 mg per 12 oz serving while Diet Coke contains 47 mg per serving.

Kimberlee Leonard
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