The Most Dangerous Part of Your Fast-Food Meal Isn't the Food

According to a new study, traces of a banned, toxic chemicals proven to cause cancer have been found on an alarming number of fast food wrappers.

Hillary Eaton
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10 Dairy-Free Pizzas So Good You Won't Miss the Mozz

Here are 10 irresistible � and healthy(ish) � cheese-free pizza recipes that are so delicious you won�t even miss the mozzarella.

Jackie Newgent, RDN, CDN
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Why Won't My Pizza Dough Brown?

Don't expect your home-baked pizza to come out exactly like a pizzeria pizza. Unless you have a wood-burning stove, chances are your oven just doesn't get hot enough. However, you can expect a decently browned and crispy crust at home. A pizza dough that isn't browning was probably improperly prepared or cooked.

Julie Christensen
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How to Make Pizza With Pre-Made Dough

Cheaper and healthier than take-out, homemade pizza serves as a quick weeknight dinner or fun weekend meal when it starts with pre-made dough.

Alissa Pond Mentzer
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How to Make Simple Pizza Without Yeast

You can make pizza in the oven at home. Pizza is an Italian dish that consists of a base of dough baked with common toppings: tomato sauce, melted cheese and meat or vegetables. Contrary to popular belief, pizza can be made without yeast. Yeast is used for the rising of the dough -- the result is a thicker pizza.

Jasmine Knight
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How to Store Pizza Dough

Pizza dough is the key element of a homemade pizza. Preparing your pizza dough beforehand saves the bulk of time you'd ordinarily spend when making your pizza. Make enough dough for as many pizzas as desired without worrying about it going to waste.

Katina Coleman
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How to Make Pizza With Biscuit Dough

A slice of pizza is a meal that many people look forward to on a regular basis, but eating the same style of pizza can get a bit boring. Instead of your usual pizza crust, you can try biscuit dough for a flaky texture and alternate flavor.

Sara Ipatenco
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How to Make Pizza Dough With Only Self-Rising Flour

Self-rising flour will offer a soft and flaky texture to homemade pizza dough. It also requires fewer ingredients, as the leavening, baking powder and baking soda are already mixed into the flour.

Catherine Smith
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How to Defrost Frozen Pizza Dough

Pizza dough keeps very well in the freezer and should be used within one to two months of storage. Utilizing a cold defrosting method, versus placing it in the microwave or allowing it to defrost on the counter at room temperature, ensures you won't overheat the dough before it's placed in the oven.

Scott Damon
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The Best Healthy Frozen Pizza

Eating healthy can include eating pizza, as long as you opt for a pizza that is not oozing with fat and high-calorie toppings and don't eat an entire 18-inch pie in one sitting. A number of frozen pizzas on the market are healthy, tasty, convenient and available at most stores.

Ryn Gargulinski
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How to Cook Pizza in a NuWave

Pizza is an all time favorite meal. When you don't want to pay for delivery or leave your house to go and pick up a pizza, the NuWave oven is a quick and easy way to cook your next pizza at home. Cooking in the NuWave can keep you from having to use your oven and reduce the amount of heat in your kitchen.

Margo Benjamin
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Is Eating Pizza Healthy?

Pizza is an easy go-to food loved by people of all ages. With frozen, delivery, take-out, bake at home and gourmet options, pizza fits just about any occasion. While an occasional indulgence in commercial pizza is okay, if it is a regular feature in your diet, you may want to reconsider your choices.

Andrea Cespedes
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