When Should a Baby Be Moved From a Bassinet to a Crib?

Placing your baby in a bassinet to sleep can be cozy for her and convenient for you. When you like to keep your baby near you at night, a bassinet offers a safe and comfortable sleeping environment. Eventually, your baby will reach the point where it's time to move her from the bassinet to a crib for sleeping.

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Graco Snugride Infant Car Seat Base Installation

Installing a Graco Snugride infant car seat base correctly is essential to the overall safety and function of the car seat. Car seat bases have become popular, because they make it easy to quickly install and to remove the car seat without ever disturbing your infant.

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Pros and Cons of Using Baby Walkers

Sometimes you need a spot to place your baby when you canít hold him or focus on him for a moment or two. These situations naturally arise during the course of every day, and itís essential that you choose a safe place for your baby to play.

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How to Dress a Baby for Sleep

Dressing baby appropriately at night can make her more comfortable, which may facilitate better sleep. The American Academy of Pediatrics provides recommendations for nighttime dressing to help reduce the potential for sudden infant death syndrome.

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How to Teach a Baby to Take a Pacifier

Whether to offer your infant a pacifier or not is a personal decision since there are pros and cons to both sides of the pacifier argument. A pacifier helps soothe a baby's strong reflex to suck, it can help him fall asleep and it may help reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

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The Effects of Using a Baby Pacifier

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) explains that pacifier use has both pros and cons. Pacifier use is not necessarily harmful, reports the Mayo Clinic, but there are potential negative effects on things like tooth development and feeding habits of older children.

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Are Moses Baskets Safe for Babies?

Moses baskets, made from woven material, have great visual appeal. Named for the type of basket Moses' mother might have put him in to float down the river, these baskets are similar to a bassinet but often feature a handle for carrying.

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How to Attach a Changing Pad to a Dresser

Many parents don't have room for both a dresser and a changing table in their baby's nursery. A changing table is a convenient way to change diapers and the top of a dresser converted for this purpose allows you to have storage and a clean surface combined in one piece of furniture.

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The Best Ways to Clean a Dr. Brown Bottle Warmer

Dr. Brownís is a company that specializes in baby bottles and accessories. The deluxe bottle warmer heats up most sizes of baby bottles efficiently and quickly, according to the manufacturerís website. The bottle warmer is also useful in helping to warm up jars of baby food. The userís manual that accompanies the Dr.

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If I Pump & Blood Gets in the Bottle Is It Still OK to Give the Baby?

It can be frightening to notice blood in pumped breast milk, particularly if you're not sure what caused the bleeding. Breast-feeding mothers should note that their babies already drink many of their bodily fluids, including small quantities of blood cells, according to Lise Eliot in her book, "

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Reasons a Baby Won't Take a Bottle Before Bed

Babies under 1 year old receive a substantial portion of their nutrition from formula or breast milk, and many fall asleep better and sleep longer when they have a bottle before bed. Many babies go through phases during which they refuse to take their bottles at certain times, particularly bedtime.

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Should Baby Cribs Be Slightly Elevated on One Side?

You may wish to slightly elevate the head of your baby's crib mattress to relieve the symptoms of certain conditions. Otherwise, elevating a crib is unnecessary and serves no purpose.

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