Can Exercise & Water Help You to Cure a Fatty Liver?

When it comes to liver disease, the typical culprits is often alcohol. However, even if you don't drink, other risk factors for disease like being overweight or obese can put you at risk for developing fatty liver disease or the more aggressive nonalcoholic steatohepatitis.

Chris Sherwood
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Deep Water Aerobic Routines

Deep water aerobics has a low impact on your joints and high impact on your cardiovascular system, improving your overall health and fitness and aiding weight loss and maintenance.

Lisa M. Wolfe
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How to Do Water Aerobics at Home

Water aerobics could give tired joints a needed break from conventional cardio training. Include these useful moves to spare your joints and get fitter.

George W. Citroner
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Free Water Aerobic Routines

Water aerobics routines give you a low-impact alternative to many popular exercises like running or lifting weights.

Henry Halse
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Pros & Cons of Water Aerobics

Hop in the pool for a good workout with a lot of benefits ´┐Żbut a water aerobics fitness session doesn't work miracles.

Barrett Barlowe
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Water Aerobics Benefits

Water aerobics actually offers multiple benefits for any fitness level and all types of people in a variety of formats, including step, Zumba and kickboxing.

Andrea Cespedes
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List of Water Aerobic Exercises

Exercising in the swimming pool is a great way to get an aerobic workout while minimizing the pressure placed on your body's joints.

Tim Petrie
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Can Swimming Make You Gain Weight?

Cardiovascular workouts, such as swimming, are effective for lowering your body fat because of their ability to burn a large number of calories. Whether or not you lose fat with exercise depends on how frequent you are with your workouts and your eating habits.

Kim Nunley
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Thigh Exercises in a Pool

When you're looking for a way to change up your thigh workout and stay cool at the same time, exercising in the pool might be just what you're looking for. Though the water has built-in resistance, exercising in the pool is low impact and thus easy on your joints.

Rob Harris
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The Effect of Water Temperature on Swimmers

People swim for competitive sports, such as an Olympic event, as well as for aerobic exercise and recreation.

Frank Yemi
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How to Teach Swimming to Adults

Drowning is a serious public health risk, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in 2012 that there were an average of 3,533 drownings every year between 2005 and 2009. Adults who can swim are safer near water, and have more opportunities for physical activity.

Van Thompson
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How to Swim for Slim Thighs

The best recipe for slim thighs is to lose the fat you may have jiggling on the outside of your thighs and tone up the underlying muscles within them. To do this you'll need to combine healthy eating with aerobic and strength exercises. A great place to start those exercises is your nearest pool.

Ellen Lambert
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