Stretches & Strengthening for Sore Ankles from Running

If you're a runner, the pounding on your feet and ankles can lead to general soreness of your ankle joints and muscles. Sore ankles can also be the symptom of tight muscles, arthritis, tendinitis, muscle strains or a minor ankle sprain.

Tim Petrie
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The DOs and DON�Ts of Self-Myofascial Release

Whether you use a foam roller, massage balls or any other product to manage your aches and pains, here's everything you need to know about self-myofascial release (SMR).

Livestrong Contributor
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9 Post-Workout Stretches You Need ASAP

If you're not stretching after your workout, you could be putting yourself at risk for injury. Here are 9 stretches you can (and should) do after a sweat session.

SJ McShane
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Best Upper-Body Stretches for the Push-Up Challenge

It's week 3 of the LIVESTRONG.COM Push-Up Challenge, and if you're feeling a bit sore, you're not alone. Here are some stretches you can do.

Rachel Grice
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9 Yoga Poses for Period Cramp Relief

Don't let the pain from your period cramps ruin your week! Here are nine yoga poses you can do anywhere to help get some relief.

Kelly Gonzalez
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How to Relieve a Headache in 10 Minutes

The dreaded headache. Let�s face it: We�ve all fallen victim to this pain. While there are different types of headaches, let�s focus on headaches that occur from the muscles and joints of the upper neck. This area of the body can become too tight, putting pressure on the nerves and tissues at the top of the spine.

Jill Penfold
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How to Alleviate Back Pain in 11 Simple Moves

A bad back can be a royal pain in the � well, back. And it�s on the rise, whether because of using computers and mobile phones all day, carrying heavy �it� purses and cool messenger bags, or sitting in chairs for hours on end.

Cara Stevens
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How to Loosen Up Tight Hip Muscles

If you want your hips to perform, you need to give them some love with frequent stretching before and after exercise.

Rachel Nall
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The One Exercise Everyone Should Do Before Lifting Weights

This drill opens up your hips, extends your spine, stretches and rotates your shoulders, expands your chest and activates your glutes and core.

Lauren Bedosky
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How to Stretch the Outside of the Calf Muscle

If the outer calf (the gastrocnemius muscle) feels particularly tight, stretching this area could provide relief.

George W. Citroner
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Gain Flexibility Fast With These 9 New Stretches

If progress is slowing with your current stretching routine, or you're simply getting bored, try swapping out your stretches!

Henry Halse
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How to Use a Foam Roller to Make Cellulite Disappear

One powerfully simple method is to use gentle pressure and your own body weight to release the body�s connective tissue. Foam rolling does just that.

Cara Stevens
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