How to Grill, Sear and Oven-Finish Rib Eye Steak

Rib eye steak is a great choice when you want to grill or sear a delicious cut of meat. Here are rib eye cooking tips and tricks, including simple rib eye steak recipes.

Leigh Good
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How to Grill Chicken Legs & Thighs

Chicken is a healthy source of protein, making it a good addition to a well-balanced menu plan. The legs and thighs of a chicken are less expensive than breasts and often cook more quickly. Grilling these cuts reduces the need for cooking fats, keeping fat and calorie intake low.

Eliza Martinez
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Cooking Burgers in the Oven After Grilling

Grilled hamburgers are a summer classic. If you enjoy grilled burgers but want to reduce the amount of direct heat applied to the outside, sear the outer surfaces on the grill to add flavor, color and signature grill marks. Then finish them in the oven for a slower, gentle cooking process.

Tara Kimball
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How to Grill Pineapple on a Stove

Grilled pineapple makes a sweet side dish for savory meats like grilled pork and beef or a pleasantly sweet-and-tart dessert served with chocolate, ice cream or mascarpone cheese. It's also a good source of vitamin C. A half-cup serving gives you 20 percent of your daily recommended vitamin C, according to MayoClinic.

Holly L. Roberts
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The Difference in Roasting and Grilling

Roasting and grilling are closely related cooking methods, each using indirect dry heat to cook the food. Both methods are widely used by health-conscious diners because they render fat from foods as they cook and don't require any to be added.

Fred Decker
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How to Grill Squash and Zucchini in Foil

Zucchini and summer squash are light, earthy flavored vegetables. When they are raw they have firm, white flesh and a smooth, hard green of yellow skin. When cooked correctly, they take on a whole new flavor and texture.

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How to Grill Hotdogs Without a Grill

Nearly all hot dogs come precooked, so the major steps required in the cooking process are heating them to an appetizing temperature and charring the outside as dark as you desire.

Chris Callaway
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How to Grill Hamburgers on a Propane Grill

Hamburgers are a crowd-pleasing entree for summer barbecues or family dinners, and it�s easy to increase the recipe for a few diners or a large group.

Meg Winkler
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Grilling a Two-Inch Pork Chop

A 2-inch pork chop may seem daunting because of its thickness, but grilling it is simple, and the added thickness keeps the chop from drying out. Marinate it first if you like, or simply season it with salt, pepper, garlic or a rub made for pork chops.

Julie Christensen
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How to Grill a Dry-Aged Rib-Eye

The aging process of beef improves its flavor and tenderness. According to "Fine Cooking" magazine, most beef sold in supermarkets is vacuum-packed or shrink-wrapped to a styrofoam tray. This is known wet-aging. Dry-aged beef undergoes a much more time-consuming process.

Jared Paventi
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How to Grill the Best Thick Rib-eye Steak on the Bone

Grilling a rib-eye steak on the bone offers a succulent meal that contains many of the essential nutrients around which you can build a balanced diet. Beef is rich in conjugated linoleic acid, which can help prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease and obesity, according to the National Cattlemen�s Beef Association.

Carly Roman
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How to Barbeque London Broil on Gas Grill

London broil is not a cut of meat, but a type of beef preparation that involves marinating then slowly cooking a thick cut of meat. According to a 2011 article in "The New York Times," London broils can come from the round, flank, shoulder or sirloin of the cow.

Jared Paventi
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