Your Brain on Coffee: A Conversation With Bulletproof Founder Dave Asprey

On this week's episode of the Stronger podcast, we talk to Bulletproof founder and CEO Dave Asprey about what coffee is doing to our health and our brain.

Erin Mosbaugh
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Collagen Powder to Mushrooms: Here's How to Supercharge Your Coffee

From cinnamon to coconut water, the culinary world is your oyster when supercharing your morning cup of joe. Here are the health benefits of 9 delicious coffee additives.

Isadora Baum
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How to Make Cold-Brew Coffee

You'll be surprised how easy cold-brew coffee is to make at home. It involves little more than soaking coffee grounds in cold water for 12 to 24 hours.

Erin Mosbaugh
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There's a Scientific Reason We're Obsessed With Pumpkin Spice

There is a scientific reason you crave Pumpkin Spice Lattes every fall, and it has to with the nostalgic emotional response the spices trigger in our brains.

Leah Groth
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Your Favorite Starbucks Drinks Ranked by Calories

Think your daily Starbucks fix isn't sabotaging your diet? You'll be shocked to see how many calories and sugar the most popular Starbucks drinks from the Pumpkin Latte to the Caramel Macchiato rack up in a single serving.

Samantha Cassetty, MS, RD
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Is Cold-Brew Coffee Actually Healthier For You?

Cold-brew coffee health claims include lower caffeine and acidity from a process that simply replaces the heat of a regular brew with time.

Deborah Day
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Caffeine addicts, rejoice: Science says (again) coffee can help you live longer

A new study suggests drinking coffee could help you live longer. Past studies have also linked coffee to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Parkinson's disease and liver, colorectal and endometrial cancer.

Colleen de Bellefonds
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8 Ways You've Been Doing Coffee All Wrong and How to Get It Right

This single beverage can be so many things to so many people. A jolt of wake-me-up caffeine; a vice; an addiction; a meal (where my bulletproofers at?); a mood booster or conversation starter. (Wanna meet for a cup of coffee, anyone?

Sherrie Castellano
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This Is Why Coffee Can Help You Lose Weight

Coffee can boost the release of the love hormone oxytocin which boosts the body's metabolic rate and help with weight loss, according to new research.

Paige Brettingen
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Marijuana-Infused Coffee Pods Give You a Buzz in More Ways Than One

Thanks to Brewbudz, a new coffee pod, you can now start your day with a weed infused cup of joe every morning

Hillary Eaton
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The 6 Most Common Bulletproof Coffee Mistakes

When drinking Bulletproof Coffee, keep in mind these tips to truly reap the fat-burning benefits of the coffee & grass-fed butter combination.

Ariane Resnick
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Calories in French Vanilla Coffee

Find out more about the nutritional composition of french vanilla coffee, a sweet treat in the morning, afternoon, or an accompaniment to dessert.

Nicki Wolf
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