Can You Boil Coconut Milk for a Steamer Drink?

There are many milk-like substances made from nuts and other foods, each with different characteristics. One of the most versatile is coconut milk, a staple in the cuisine of most tropical countries around the world. Like true milk it separates into thinner "milk" and thicker "cream,"

Fred Decker
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How to Cook Coconut Milk Without Curdling It

Coconut milk is a thick and creamy liquid that is extracted from the pulpy meat of a coconut. It is widely used in Indian, South Asian, Pacific Island and Caribbean cuisine to bring a creamy, cool flavor to spicy curries, stews and stir-fries. Coconut milk is widely available in most supermarkets.

Nicole Carlin
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Coconut Milk & Milk Allergy

Milk allergies are one of the most common food allergies in the United States.

Rachel Steffan
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Nutritional Facts of Light Canned Coconut Milk

While you may find regular coconut to be a beneficial addition to your recipes, the flavorful fluid has some nutritional drawbacks -- it's quite high in calories and fat. However, if you want to retain some of the flavor without the fattening aspects, you can use light canned coconut milk as an alternative.

Brian Willett
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Can Coconut Milk Increase Cholesterol?

Coconut milk, high in saturated fat and calories, can increase your low-density lipoprotein – “bad” cholesterol -- and expand your waistline. But some evidence suggests that coconut oil, the fat in coconut milk, may increase your “good” high-density lipoprotein cholesterol.

Kathryn Gilhuly
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How to Bake With Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is made from soaking shredded coconut in water and straining through a cheesecloth to separate. Coconut milk is commonly used in Asian and tropical recipes and drinks. For recipes that call for milk or cream, you can substitute coconut milk.

Kimberlee Leonard
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The Health Benefits of Coconut Milk

Coconuts and coconut milk have traditionally gotten a bad rap due to its high saturated fat levels. However, island populations around the world have used the fruit's meat juice, milk and oil in everything from cooking to disease prevention.

Jody Braverman
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Is Coconut Milk Lactose Free?

Despite its name, coconut milk is quite different from dairy milk. It's high in fat, but it's also cholesterol-free and rich in many nutrients. Because it's not derived from the milk of animals, coconut milk is lactose-free and can be a perfect alternative for people pursuing a lactose-free diet.

Sarah Whitman
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Candida Diet & Coconut Milk

The candida diet is a low-carb diet that limits the consumption of carbohydrates and sugar to deprive candida, a yeast, from its main food source. Grains, legumes, fruits and dairy products are eliminated, especially in the first phases of the candida diet.

Aglaee Jacob
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