Men's Pushup, Pullup, Squat, Deadlift & Bench Press Standards

The strength standards for men for the push-up, pull-up, squat, deadlift, and bench press vary by bodyweight and amount of muscle mass.

Henry Halse
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A 28-Minute Boxing Workout for Sexy Arms and Shoulders

Welcome to the most amazing boxing circuit you’ll ever do! It combines the benefits of boxing conditioning, skill and speed in a fresh circuit-style workout.

Jill Penfold
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What Exercises Can I Do in P90X If I Don't Have a Pull-Up Bar?

The home DVD workout of P90X is convenient, but requires some equipment. If you don't want to install the pull-up bar, you can still challenge your back.

Michael Scott
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The Best Biceps Home Workout Without Equipment

You don't have to drive to the gym to get "big guns." Strengthen your biceps at home with a pair of dumbbells or an exercise band.

Aubrey Bailey
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Scapular Stabilization Home Exercises

Do these scapular stabilization exercises at home to rehabilitate your shoulders after an injury, or just to build stronger shoulders.

Chekwube Ndubisi
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The 7 Best Upper-Body Exercises for People Who Hate Push-Ups

You might think of the push-up as an arm exercise, but this do-it-all move also works your shoulders, back, chest and abs. So if you hate push-ups (or if you’re just sick of them), it’s important to swap out the right exercises to reap similar benefits.

Nick Tumminello
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6 Rockin' Exercises for Totally Toned Arms

With so many different ways to approach your arm workout, I made it my mission to come up with the most fun dance-based workout that’ll provide results. As a former professional dancer turned fitness expert (find me on Instagram [@meganroup]( and [@thesculptsociety](https://www.

Megan Roup
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One Great Answer: How Long Can I Safely Be At My Maximum Heart Rate?’s "One GREAT Answer" series takes your health and fitness questions to the world’s smartest experts.

Brian Sabin
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How Long Does It Take to Build Forearms?

In the bodybuilding world, a well-known maxim is that strength comes before size. To build muscle, strengthening will have to come first. This fact applies to all muscles, including those of the calves, legs, chest, arms and especially forearms.

Joseph McAllister
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How to Work Your Biceps & Not Your Forearms

Many exercises believed to isolate the biceps, or the biceps brachii, build up the muscles in forearms as well. However, a few variations of the traditional biceps curl isolate the bicep muscle. When working out the biceps, you must lift enough weight to cause fatigue after 12 repetitions, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Ellis Roanhorse
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Alternatives for Reverse-Grip Pull Downs

The reverse-grip pull down, more often called the reverse-grip “lat” pull down, is an exercise that targets the back and biceps. It’s performed on a pull-down machine, which you'll find in gyms or health clubs.

Sandi Busch
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How to Build Your Wrists

The size of your wrists is determined largely by genetics, as the area is composed mostly of bone rather than muscle. Wrist circumference often is used to gauge your body's frame and bone size. For a man over 5 feet 5 inches, wrist circumference of 5.5 to 6.5 inches is small, 6.5 to 7.5 inches is medium and over 7.

Serena Styles
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