Language Development Activities for 2-Year-Olds

As children grow from infants to toddlers, they begin to develop language and communication skills. Kids' language development typically progresses at a rapid pace after their first 18 months.

Carissa Lawrence
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How to Calm a Hyper 1-Year-Old Child

Life can be very exciting for a 1-year-old. By the time your child's first birthday rolls around, she's discovered that she can propel herself using her body, figured out that different sounds mean different things and realized that the world is full of things to explore.

Holly L. Roberts
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Fun Activities for Kids on Telling the Truth

Telling the truth is an important moral and ethical virtue that kids need to learn as early as possible. It is a value that will have a huge impact on their character development as they grow. Engage your child in activities to teach and reinforce the concept of honesty and emphasize why lying is wrong.

Zora Hughes
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Activities for Autistic Toddlers

According to PubMed Health, autism is a developmental disorder that is present before the age of 3. People with autism have difficulty with social interactions and communication skills. There is no cure for autism, nor do scientists know the cause.

Janelle Vaesa
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The Safest Bicycle Seat to Use for Toddlers

Once your toddler turns 1 you can buy a bicycle helmet and a safety seat that will enable you to bring him along on your bike rides. The safest way to tow your toddler, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, is in a bicycle-towed child trailer.

Erin Carson
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Outdoor Games for 4-Years-Olds

Kids of all ages thrive in the outdoors. When summer vacation rolls around, you may find them spending much of their day on the playground or elsewhere outdoors, soaking up the sun and stretching their legs. Get a group of kids together for a play date or park meet-up and try some age-appropriate outdoor games.

Lori A. Selke
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Teaching a Toddler to Swim

Swimming lessons are now recommended for toddlers age 1 to 3, according to a statement issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics in 2010. Early instruction may help prevent drowning in young children, the second leading cause of death in youth under 19 years of age.

Laura Williams
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Things That a 20-Month-Old Should Learn

Every toddler develops at his own pace, and there is a wide range of normal when it comes to developmental milestones. There are activities that can promote learning for 20-month-olds and help them develop appropriately, as well as provide bonding opportunities for the whole family.

Jennifer Cutler
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