Leg Wraps for Sagging Thighs

 by Sharon Perkins

Leg wraps for weight loss sound too good to be true—and they are. Choose cardio and strength-training instead.

When your thighs jiggle when you walk or your saddlebags are falling toward your knees, leg wraps to pull up and tighten your thighs might sound like a good idea. There's no proof, however, that full body wraps or wraps that target a certain area have any lasting effects on your weight or body shape.

When you apply a body wrap to your lights, you might experience a temporary loss of inches to thighs or tightening due to fluid loss and compression. However, it won't be permanent. The only way to firm up sagging legs is to lose body fat and build muscle.

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The Premise

Body wraps, in general, claim to take inches off your wrapped parts through a detoxification process, which comes not just from the sweating under the wrap but from the herbs and minerals applied to the wrap, causes you to lose inches. Detoxification supposedly draws impurities from your lymphatic system and makes the body better at burning fat and eliminating waste products. However, there is no science to back up this claim.

A leg wrap to decrease the size of your thighs involves wrapping your legs and thighs in compression bandages, which may be nothing more than ace bandages infused with oils, herbs and minerals. Some spas use plastic wraps instead. You may lose a few inches after a leg wrap — temporarily. The tight bandages cause your things to sweat, so you lose water weight. Salts and other minerals in the wrap may also draw out fluid.

The Risks

Having a leg wrap isn't as risky as having a full-body wrap, which can cause overheating and excessive fluid loss that may lead to dehydration. If you feel lightheaded or dizzy during the treatment, ask the person doing your wrap to loosen it or remove part of it. If you develop numbness or lack of feeling, loosen the wrap, since it's cutting off your circulation. A full-body wrap could also cause claustrophobia in susceptible individuals, but having your legs and thighs wrapped is less likely to trigger a panic attack.

Firm Sagging Thighs

If you think you need to lose a few inches in your thighs for a major occasion and decide to try a wrap, you may be pleasantly surprised to find your pants gliding over your thighs somewhat more easily. You might not be able to duplicate the result in a few days, though when you regain the water weight and when your compressed skin slowly begins to resume its normal shape. In other words, leg wraps don't give permanent results.

Instead, focus on firming your thighs by losing body fat and building muscle. Any exercise that gets you sweaty while your heart is beating fast can help you burn calories and lose fat. This include running, dancing, walking, climbing, biking or playing sports. In tandem, do at least two days of strength-building activities, including those that focus on your legs, such as squats, lunges and steps ups. With a little patience and a lot of effort, you can see results in your legs without a leg wrap.

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