How to Embrace Your Flaws & Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

 by Michelle Vartan

Instagram fitness star, Anna Victoria, shares the best ways to think about and communicate about the female body.

With over 42 million posts on Instagram, #fitspo is more than just a trend, it's a whole world. And it has some notable celestial bodies — literally. The rising stars of Instagram's fitness firmament are known for their killer physiques, but so much sharing can really take its toll. In our latest episode of the Stronger podcast we catch up with Anna Victoria, creator of the Fit Body Guides and leader of 1.3 million Instagram followers, to find out what being a fitness star on social media is really like — which is harder than you'd think.

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Victoria is a certified personal trainer who just so happens to have a million-plus Instagram followers commenting on her bikini photos, workout videos and, particularly, her body. On the Stronger podcast, Victoria shares that through her work (and, yes, it is work) she's learned the right and wrong ways to comment on the female body. And those learning experiences are what molded her into a sexy, and mission-first, social influencer.

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Listen in and learn about the not-so-glamorous behind-the-scenes details of a fitness influencer — from the intense emotional pressure to an exhausting amount of photo taking.

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