14 Awesome Halloween Costumes for the Fitness Obsessed

 by Hoku Krueger

If you’re on the hunt for a last-minute Halloween costume, look no further than your exercise drawer. Turn your everyday fitness apparel into a quick, spooktacular costume that won’t break your bank account. Check out our list of fitness-inspired Halloween costumes -- if you dare.


If you're on the hunt for a last-minute Halloween costume, look no further than your exercise drawer. Turn your everyday fitness apparel into a quick, spooktacular costume that won't break your bank account. Check out our list of fitness-inspired Halloween costumes -- if you dare.

1. Billy Blanks

This costume is an ode to the pioneer of American martial arts-inspired fitness classes. The Billy Blank's VHS look is quick and easy. Find a pair of yellow (or any color) gloves and snip the fingers off at the base to get Blank's signature accessory. Then you can either pair a tank top with boxing shorts or go the extra mile with just a unitard and belt.

2. Horse Jockey

Giddyup with this jockey-inspired Halloween costume. Tuck your favorite long-sleeve jersey into a pair of white skinny jeans or pants. Zip on a pair of knee-high boots and don a sporty cap. Make it more fun by convincing a willing partner to dress as your horse.

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3. Black swan

Recreate Natalie Portman's beautiful femme fatale look with this ballerina-inspired Halloween costume. For a simple version, throw on a black bustier or leotard. Then pair a tutu with some white stockings and black flats. If you want to go all-out, get your glue gun ready and customize with glitter, feathers and rhinestones. (Check out the tutorial below for a gorgeous DIY example.) Don't forget to pull your hair back into a bun, and get very liberal with the eyeliner and white face makeup for Nina's perfect look. And if you know how the story ends (we don't want to spoil it), you'll know what to add to the costume for a scarier look.

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4. Referee

Call the shots this Halloween as your squad's ref! Find a black-and-white striped shirt (making sure that the stripes are vertical). Wear black pants or shorts and use a yellow rag or bandana as a flag, Be prepared to call any party fouls with a handy whistle necklace.

5. Richard Simmons

Say "farewell" to stubborn fat this Halloween by dressing as American fitness guru Richard Simmons. This costume is an easy last-minute go-to. All you need is a brightly colored tank top -- preferably decorated with a fun pattern -- and some teeny, tiny exercise shorts. Throw on some tube socks and tennis shoes and you're good to go!

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6. Final Five Olympic Gymnastics Team

Who can forget America's team of badass gymnasts from the 2016 Summer Olympics? Simon Bules, Laurie Hernandez, Madison Kocian, Gabby Douglas and Aly Raisman charmed America with their gymnastic prowess and genuine friendship, which is what makes this a fantastic idea for a fitness-inspired group costume. All you have to do is find matching (preferably red, white and blue) leotards and some novelty gold medals. If it's cold out, the Fierce Five has you covered: Simply invest in some matching tracksuits. Help one another get the perfect hair buns, complete with scrunchies.

7. Zombie Zumba Instructor

Bring the Zumba trend back from the dead this Halloween with a Zombie Zumba Instructor costume. Pair a neon tank top with cargo pants or a tiny tutu over some leggings. Then go crazy with the face and body paint to transform yourself into the living dead. Start by using a foundation that's a shade or two (or three or four) lighter than your skin tone. Then shade away like the shady figure you are to make sunken eye sockets and sullen cheeks. Look into buying some prosthetics to build scar or wound tissue on your face. Check YouTube for tutorials!

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8. Shredded Werewolf

Like his character Jacob, Taylor Lautner underwent a massive transformation before filming the second installment of the Twilight Saga, "New Moon." Those 30 pounds of pure muscle had to come from a gym, right? You'd be surprised at what a little makeup can do. Start with a classic werewolf look by sourcing some furry costume gloves and a headband complete with furry ears. Don a rustic flannel and blue jeans, and use some vampire fangs for a rabid effect. Put a fitness spin on your costume by leaving the front of your flannel unbuttoned and going wild with a brown pencil and matte brown powder to create washboard abs. Flex your stomach to find your abs and begin tracing. YouTube tutorials will be your friend here. Once you've got your abs done, take to your face by creating a smoky eye and adding some extra texture to your eyebrows.

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9. ‘80s Aerobics Instructor

Let's get physical with Olivia Newton-John's classic aerobic attire. The most important part of this getup? Leg warmers, leg warmers, leg warmers! The rest is cake! Wear some bright-pink tights under a white leotard or your comfiest spirit jersey. Crown your head with a sweatband and let them hear your body talk!

10. Paul Bleeker

We can't ignore this Midwestern cross-country icon who inspired the treasured term "pork sword." Get your jog on this Halloween with a crimson shirt and petite, yellow running shorts. Accessorize with yellow sweatbands and calf-high tube socks. For a finishing flourish, have a box of orange Tic Tacs on hand to share with randos.

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11. Batwoman Beyonce

Revenge is a dish best served with Hot Sauce, Beyonce's infamous baseball bat. Queen Bey's weapon of choice makes this costume all about fitness. Wear the dreamiest yellow dress you can get your hands on and a pair of black heels. If you can't find a wooden bat, get a plastic one from a Halloween or toy store.

12. 1920’s Guys’ Swimsuit

For guys who really want to flaunt it, this quick and easy costume from the roaring '20s will give you excuse enough. Pair a form-fitting T-shirt or tank top with some cotton shorts that hug in all the right places (and don't be afraid to wander into the women's section of the sporting goods store). Those cats from the '20s loved their stripes, so bonus points if someone thinks you're Waldo. If you want to get a little more out of this simple costume, go macho by painting an anchor or MOM "tattoo" on your upper arm, and source (or grow!) a handlebar mustache.

13. Sporty Spice

"Say you'll be there" with this '90s-inspired Halloween costume. Get your hands on a pair of track pants as synthetic and brightly colored as your heart desires. On top, rock a cotton sports bra, cropped halter-top or your favorite sleeveless jersey. And get some chunky tennis shoes on those feet. Finish this look with a high-and-tight ponytail and pencil-thin eyebrows. Get some temporary tattoos for your upper arms, or draw them on for that extra "zig-a-zig-ahhh."

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14. Marathon-Running Forrest Gump

Have you ever felt the need to run for three years, two months 14 days and 16 hours? We hope you said yes. This costume involves a yellow T-shirt and red running short shorts. Guys, plan for this outfit ahead of time by growing an insanely long beard and skipping your next trip to the barber. But if you don't have three or so years to commit to this costume, you can buy a fake beard and wig. Top it off with a red cap. (Pro tip: You can actually buy a Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. hat online.) If it's cold out, make liberal use of a large, water-resistant parka.

What Do YOU Think?

Which of these costume ideas is your favorite? What are you planning to dress up as this Halloween? Do you tend to go all-out on Halloween, or are do you usually wait until the last minute to throw a costume together? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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