6 Hurricane Harvey Helpers Who Are Making a Difference

As Hurricane Harvey continues to cause devastation through Texas, many people are coming together to rescue survivors and help them through the aftermath.

Ada Ciuca
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What Are the Pros and Cons of Volunteer Work?

It may seem on the surface that there couldn't be a downside to volunteer work. After all, aren't people supposed to give back a little, help others in need and otherwise engage in selfless pursuits?

James Roland
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What Are the Benefits of Volunteering in a Hospital?

Aside from the tangible benefits of volunteering, which may include building a house for Habitat for Humanity or getting clerical duties done at a hospital, the intangible benefits of volunteering are numerous.

Katie Vann
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Volunteer Interview Tips

If you want to volunteer, be prepared for some competition. Nonprofit organizations often have more applicants than positions, so many are using a formal screening process to select appropriate volunteers. A report by the organization "Volunteering in America" notes that 1.

Marcy Brinkley
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Why Is it Important to Do Volunteer Work?

Volunteer work provides an organization with a free resource to help it meet its mission or goals, which often include filling the gap between an individual or community´┐Żs resources and those provided by the government.

Gae-Lynn Woods
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