Allergies to Tooth Fillings

Very few people experience allergic reactions to dental fillings, according to the American Dental Association. An allergy is an immune system reaction to a foreign substance. People with allergies to the materials used to make dental fillings may experience a localized reaction.

Gail Sessoms
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Can You Drink Beer With Abscessed Tooth?

Drinking a cold beer could intensify the pain, but the drink causes no harm to an abscessed tooth. Beer offers no benefits for a bad tooth, either. If you're suffering from an abscessed tooth, the infection could worsen and spread to other parts of your body unless treated.

James Young
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Do Tooth Infections Cause Lightheadedness?

A tooth infection can cause severe discomfort, even preventing you from going about your daily activities. You may experience throbbing pain, gum tenderness, swelling and a sore jaw. Dental problems can also lead to other complications, such as headaches and lightheadedness.

Nadia Haris
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Can a Tooth Abscess Cause a Blood Infection?

When a localized area of pus, called an abscess, develops in or around the root of a tooth, this provides the opportunity for bacteria to enter nearby blood vessels. This can lead to a potentially life-threatening blood infection, especially in people with an impaired immune system.

Martina McAtee
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Herbal or Natural Antibiotics for Tooth Abscess

A tooth abscess is painful and can be treated. According to the American Dental Association, a bacterial infection and the collection of pus in the pulp of the tooth, which is the soft part inside the tooth, creates this common tooth condition. Bacterial infections can cause swelling and fever.

Tyler Woods
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Causes of Pain in a Filled Tooth

Many mistakenly believe that getting a filling or crown will prevent a tooth from having problems in the future. Possibilities for a toothache to develop years after receiving dental treatment exist because of the anatomical complexities of a tooth and its surrounding structures.

Dr. Steve Tuggle
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How to Ease Cavity Pain

Cavities, or tooth decay, are caused by plaque buildup, bacteria and food particles. Cavities can cause a minor sensitivity, a dull ache, or even extreme pain and discomfort. Regardless of whether you're experiencing mild or severe pain, schedule an appointment with a dentist if you suspect a cavity.

Wendy Rose Gould
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A Polyp or Cyst in a Sinus Cavity

A nasal polyp or cyst is small, tear-shaped growth in the sinus cavity. Minor nasal polyps commonly go unnoticed because they don’t cause any symptoms. As they grow, they become more evident due to nasal obstruction and sinus pressure pain.

Emily DeSerio
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Foods You Can't Eat After Filling a Tooth

Tooth decay eventually gives way to cavities. When your dentist detects a cavity in your tooth, he'll likely fill the cavity with material to avoid further decay and sensitivity. The filling process is done under local anesthetic, so immediately after the procedure your mouth may feel strange.

Kay Ireland
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Can Taking Calcium Rebuild Teeth?

Although tooth enamel is the hardest substance in your body -- even stronger than bone -- it’s still susceptible to tooth decay when exposed to acids in the mouth. Because enamel is composed of mainly calcium phosphate, a calcium-rich diet is essential during tooth development.

Donna Pleis, RDH, BSBA
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