How to Lose Weight With Swimming

Swimming is a non-impact, non-weight-bearing cardiovascular exercise. This makes it particularly valuable to people who are obese or have range of motion issues.

Kevin Rail
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Keeping It Tight(s): Why Your Workout Leggings Matter

Tights come in a range of weights and textures, and offer varying degrees of stretch and support. Here's a guide to choosing the right tights depending on your workout.

Shannan Rouss
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How to Have a More Active Commute — No Matter Where You Live

You may not have a ton of control over where you live and where you work, but one thing you likely can change is making your commute more active. Here's how:

Hoku Krueger
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Yes, Your Workout Underwear Can Make A Difference & Here’s Why

The best fitness-friendly underwear wicks moisture, stays put and is so comfy you forget they’re there. Here are some top tips for choosing the perfect pair.

Jacqueline Nochisaki
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How Many Steps in a Mile?

There are a few different factors that play a role in figuring out how many steps it takes to walk a mile. Here's how to figure it out for yourself.

Tim Petrie
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Athleta Apologizes After Plus-Size Model Controversy

Fitness apparel brand, Athleta is taking heat for putting plus-sized clothes on straight-sized models.

Hillary Eaton
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The Relation Between Height and Shoe Size in Adolescents

It’s fun to use formulas to predict your teen’s height – as long as you take such predictions with a grain of salt. Shoe size generally is proportional to height, so it’s used in many height-predicting formulations. Such formulations sometimes take the parents’ height into account, as well.

Linda Tarr Kent
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Description of a Good Sports Leader

Good sports leaders have the same positive characteristics as other successful leaders.

Cat North
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What to Do for Sweat & Rashes From a Sports Bra

Wearing a supportive sports bra while exercising is critical to avoiding discomfort and straining the ligaments around your breasts, and delay sagging. As you work out and perspire, your sports bra can cause chafing, irritation and a rash on and around your breasts.

Michelle Kulas
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Do You Wear Shoes for Pilates?

When Joseph Pilates developed his exercise methodology, he was influenced by gymnastics, yoga, martial arts, boxing, bodybuilding and diving, as well as Eastern and Western philosophies.

Meg Campbell
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How to Convert Pedometer Steps to Kilometers

Your pedometer is a helpful tool for increasing your physical activity. Wearing your pedometer daily will motivate you to increase the number of steps you take. You may find yourself parking further away from the entrance to stores in order to reach your daily steps goal.

Lisa M. Wolfe
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Differences Between Stability and Motion Control Shoes

Modern running shoes are feats of design. As the single most important piece of equipment a runner needs, shoes have to provide support, flexibility, grip and stability.

Jessica Blue
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