Examples of Setting Goals in Sports

Setting goals is a powerful motivator in sports performance. Goals give individual players and sports teams targets and numbers to strive for, and they can also be used as a measuring stick to monitor progress. Goals should be agreed upon between a coach and player and revisited as the competitive season progresses.

Stewart Flaherty
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How Many Sets of Reps Should I Do When Working the Biceps?

Your biceps lie along the front of your arm and help to bend your elbow and raise your arm. Strengthening this muscle will increase the muscle definition of your arm as well as aid daily activities, such as lifting a baby or carrying groceries.

Bethany Kochan
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How to Set Goals for Flexibility

Your flexibility can be attributed to genetics, gender, age, body shape and current level of flexibility. When you age, your flexibility can start to decrease, especially if you are inactive. You can improve your flexibility with regular training.

Catherine Christy
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Goal Setting Activities for Teenagers

Getting a teenager to talk about his future can be challenging, but setting goals often helps provide direction and motivation. Use specific activities that help pinpoint your adolescent's attention on setting goals.

Kay Ireland
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Goal Setting

Goals--plans to achieve something--have several purposes in personal and professional settings. The University of New Hampshire explains that goal setters can use the SMART acronym to develop goals. Goals should be specific, measurable, attainable and relevant.

Leigh Ann Morgan
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Personal Goals for Kids

Teaching children to set goals when they're young establishes a habit they'll benefit from throughout their lives. The Family Education website recommends working with your children to set specific goals that are appropriate to their ages. Keep in mind that goals you set for your children are their goals, not yours.

Debby Mayne
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How to Write an Application Letter to Study at a University

According to Indiana University, a university application letter, also called a personal statement, serves three important purposes. The application letter serves to introduce yourself, outline your goals, past experiences and qualifications and display your writing skills.

Jackie Lohrey
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How to Get Yours in 2017, According to Danielle LaPorte

We talk to spiritual leader Danielle LaPorte on how to take on the challenge of launching a business all while being the happiest you've ever been.

Michelle Vartan
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