The Difference Between Soccer & Rugby Cleats

At first glance, rugby and soccer cleats may look the same, yet they have some characteristic differences. Rugby players hold the ball, while soccer players maneuver the ball with their feet. Key features make each type of cleat more appropriate for rugby or soccer.

Kay Ireland
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Things to Do Before a Rugby Game

Rugby is a strenuous contact sport similar to American football, with two teams kicking, throwing and carrying the ball across the field in an attempt to score. Games last 80 minutes, and players require a significant amount of strength, speed and endurance on the field.

Erica Roth
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How Long Does a Rugby Match Last?

Rugby is a full-contact sport that influenced the American style of football. The game is played in Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia and other parts of the world. Play is divided into two halves, with a typical rugby match is longer in duration than an American football game but shorter than a soccer match.

Shane Hall
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