Strange Sensations in the Left Arm After Taking B12

Most people get more than enough vitamin B-12 in their diets. Itís found in animal-derived foods, such as milk, yogurt, cheese, beef, eggs and fish, and in most fortified breakfast cereals. But thereís always the potential of developing a deficiency.

Dana Severson
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Can You Apply Vitamin C Serum on Your Eyes?

You know vitamin C is good for your health and you might already be using this powerful antioxidant in a serum on your face. Topical vitamin C is a potent anti-aging tool that gives your face a healthful glow but you might wonder if it's also safe and effective to use around your sensitive eye area.

Hilary White
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The Main Functions of the Eye

Eyes are the body's camera. In addition to vision, your eyes also provide depth perception and contribute to your balance. These functions are made possible by multiple components in your eye, including rods, cones, retinas and lens.

Dr. Franchesca Vermillion
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Should You Use Cream or Powder Eye Shadow For Older Women?

When you've entered the realm of what fashion magazines refer to as "older woman" or "mature," the changing texture of your skin can become a beauty concern. Because skin tends to lose moisture as it ages, it may take on a "crepe-y" appearance and influence the eye makeup you choose to wear.

Tarah Damask
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