Small, White Bumps on the Tip of the Tongue

The top surface of the tongue is covered with small pink bumps called papillae. Sometimes these papillae become inflamed, producing white bumps called lie bumps. At other times, small white bumps on the tongue are caused by other conditions, such as canker sores or thrush.

Meg Brannagan
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What Does it Mean When You Wake Up With a Dry Mouth?

Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, is a common condition that everyone experiences. There are a number of causes of dry mouth. Most produce a dry mouth during both the day and night, but the dryness is often most noticeable when waking up in the morning.

Julia Michelle
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How to Remove Popcorn From Your Teeth

When a piece of popcorn gets stuck between your teeth or under your gums, you should gently but completely remove it as soon as possible.

Donna Pleis, RDH, BSBA
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The 10 Worst States for Dental Health and the 10 Best

To find out which states have the healthiest teeth and gums, experts at WalletHub compared 50 states and the District of Columbia across 25 key indicators of dental wellness.

Hoku Krueger
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Red Bumps Underneath the Tongue

Red bumps on or underneath the tongue can be alarming. At the very least, they are the result of eating too many acidic or sugary foods and at the most they could be a sign of disease. In most cases, these bumps are merely a nuisance. While they may be painful, they are likely to go away on their own within a few days.

Brenda Barron
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What Makes Teeth Sensitive to Sugar?

Proper dental care is an important part of overall health maintenance. Regular brushing and flossing is an important part of this, and it must be done on a daily basis for best results. Sometimes poor dental hygiene, improper diet or both can lead to dental problems, including tooth sensitivity.

Nicole Campbell
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Dry Mouth With Braces

If you have braces and experience some side effects such as a dry, cottony feeling in your mouth, there are solutions that can allow you to remain comfortable with your mouth until the braces are gone.

Julie Boehlke
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Sore Gums in Children

While there are several reasons for sore gums in children, such as having a tooth coming in, the pain is often an early sign of gum disease. Nearly all children have gingivitis, according to the American Academy of Periodontology. However, you can reverse gingivitis in its early stages before it becomes periodontitis.

Melissa McNamara
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Swollen Gums After Eating

Eating usually brings enjoyment and pleasure, but if you notice that your gums swell after eating, you might think of meals differently. Swollen gums after eating are not normal and need to be looked at by your dentist or doctor.

Diane Marks
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B12 Under the Tongue

Vitamin B-12, or cobalamin, participates in the synthesis of DNA within your cells; it is essential for the production of myelin, which is the insulating sheath that protects your nerves. Cobalamin deficiency leads to the production of enlarged, poorly-functioning red blood cells.

Stephen Christensen
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Chewing Gum After Brushing Teeth

Chewing sugar-free gum promotes dental health, but it offers just a few benefits if you have recently brushed your teeth. The increased use of artificial sweeteners such as sorbitol has helped gum transition from a candy to a useful dental tool. Unlike sugar, artificial sweeteners do not contribute to tooth decay.

Sydney Hornby, M.D.
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What Causes Small White Bumps on Lips?

Small white bumps can appear on the lips because of many different causes. While some types of lip bumps may be benign, others can be symptoms associated with certain medical conditions.

Ida Tolen
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