How to Find the Correct Size for Men's Bib Overalls

Having stepped out of the farmer's shadow, bib overalls appear in a variety of colors, fabrics and styles for men's casual wear. Pair them with a tee, a crisp button-front shirt, or a turtleneck sweater and wear them any season.

Fern Fischer
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What Is Better, a Money Clip or a Wallet?

Even in the leanest of economic times, top menswear magazine editors note that many men look like big losers because their wallets appear so bulky.

A. Scott Walton
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What to Wear to a Typical High School Party for Guys

High school is an exciting time-- albeit a time of worry, decision-making and responsibility. On the weekends, however, put down the books and silence your mind from classroom discussions. It's time to relax, socialize and meet new friends at a high school party.

Lisa Finn
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How to Tell Real Shoes Like Airforce Ones From Fake

Air Force Ones are among some of the most well known shoes that Nike has ever produced, but unfortunately, these shoes are often times replicated and sold to customers who can't tell the subtle differences between the real shoe and an imitation.

Michael Briggs
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Rules for Cufflink Shirts With a Suit

A shirt with French or double cuffs is traditionally one of the dressiest shirts a man can wear. While your shirt and cufflink choices allow you to express your personal style, consider a few important guidelines if you decide to wear this style with a suit rather than a tuxedo.

LaMont Jones, Jr.
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The Ideal Weight for a 6-Foot Male Model

Behind all the glitz and glamour, the modeling industry has its own standards for male models who provide specific looks for runways, galas and marketing campaigns.

Sarah Williams
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Can You Wear a Black Polo With Khaki Pants & Brown Shoes?

Used to be, the rules for color matching were pretty easy -- black shoes with black, brown shoes with brown, and then a few murky creative areas involving blues, grays and cordovans. These days, the rule is that there are no rules.

Bonny Brown Jones
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Can I Use Board Shorts Instead of Swimming Trunks?

While swim trunks and board shorts might appear similar to the untrained eye, these two types of swimming attire feature subtle differences. The swim trunk traditionally feature an elastic waist and a mesh lining inside the short; while board shorts are typically longer in length and sport a drawstring waist.

Philip Foster
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Does a Tuxedo Shirt Look Better With or Without Studs?

Tuxedo shirts are almost always worn with studs, but it's not a must.

Shelley Moench-Kelly
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The Best Dress Shirt for Skinny Men With Broad Shoulders

You might think that all dress shirts are created equal; and to a point, they are. But for men that have broad shoulders on an otherwise slender or even skinny frame, finding the right dress shirt may seem daunting.

Shelley Moench-Kelly
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The Best Ways to Dress a Skinny Man With a Short Torso

Style reflects personality, level of professionalism and can make any body type look better or worse. There are plenty of styles that complement skinny men with short torsos. Your specific look will depend largely on your height.

Candice Mancini
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Can You Salvage a Wrinkled Tie?

A wrinkled tie gives you a disheveled look, which is probably not what you’re going for if you have a tie on in the first place. Ties can be made from a variety of fabrics, but some of the most common are silk, polyester, cotton and wool.

Kimbry Parker
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