Supplements That Help With Eye Pressure & Glaucoma

Increased pressure of the eyes can lead to glaucoma, so early detection and treatment is essential. Current management options include drugs and surgery, yet there is an increasing interest the role of diet, and the use of nutrition supplements in the prevention and treatment of IOP and glaucoma.

Cindy Ell
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Signs of Eye Pressure

Standing on your head, lifting heavy weights or drinking a cup of coffee can all cause a temporary change in eye pressure, but it is only when eye pressure remains too high or too low for a long period of time that it is a cause for concern.

Tess Miller
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Caffeine & Eye Pressure

Caffeine does more than just boost energy levels. It can also increase pressure within the eye. This is concerning, because high eye pressure over time can lead to glaucoma, a potentially blinding disease of the optic nerve.

Kate Beck
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Natural Ways to Help Reduce Eye Pressure

High eye pressure increases your risk of developing glaucoma and a number of other visual field defects, states the University of Illinois Eye and Eye Infirmary. However, not everyone with high eye pressure develops glaucoma. There are natural ways to help reduce eye pressure.

Crystal Welch
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