Are There Vitamins for Eye Floaters?

If you're seeing spots and strands in your field of vision, you may have eye floaters. Taking certain vitamins can be of benefit to your overall eye health.

Gord Kerr
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Diet for Eye Floaters

Floaters are small objects appearing to float on your eyeball. They take many shapes including specks, cobwebs, and squiggly threads, and are most commonly visible when looking at bright objects, such as a white wall or blue sky.

Dempsey Thomas
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Eye Floaters in Teens

There are many physical alterations during the teenage years as prepubescent girls and boys reach maturity. Typical body changes include new hair growth and pimple outbreaks. Some teenagers have a less common change. They suddenly notice clear spots or lines floating across their visual fields.

Barb Nefer
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Eye Floaters in Children

Eye health is an important concern at any age, but especially for children. As kids’ eyes grow and develop, changes occur that can permanently affect their eyesight. Paying close attention to any changes in their vision is important to prevent sometimes severe injuries or conditions.

Milton Kazmeyer
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Eye Floaters and Excess Protein

By the time you reach a certain age, in your teens or early 20s, you will have most likely experienced floaters in your field of vision. Floaters are those tiny dots, strands and "cobwebs" of protein that drift in and out of view from time to time. Although they can be annoying, for the most part they are harmless.

Kathryn Meininger
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Why Do I See Spots & Colors After Exercise?

Seeing spots or flashes of light or experiencing blurry vision in general are all common complaints after physical activity. In fact, many refer to these spots and colors as "seeing stars." Such vision issues are caused by a variety of factors that are easily fixed.

Wendy Rose Gould
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Exercise & Posterior Vitreous Detachment

Being diagnosed with any kind of serious eye problem can be frightening. You start having symptoms, you make the appointment, the doctor pours a ton of drops into your eyes then blinds you with bright light. He spouts off some mumbo jumbo medical jargon and sends you on your way.

Tonya Edwards
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3 Ways to Treat Eye Floaters and Spots

Though seeing dark circles and squiggles in front of your eyes isn't pleasant, it usually isn't harmful either. Rather, eye floaters are often a natural yet irritating part of aging, and the best way to treat them is to do your best to ignore the visual disturbances.

Livestrong Contributor
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Herbal Remedies for Eye Floaters

Many people have “floaters” that pass across their vision periodically. In most cases, floaters do not disrupt vision, but some people may have one or more large floaters that can cause blurriness or block portions of your vision.

Kate Beck
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