What Are Glucose Tablets Used For?

Glucose tablets are composed of glucose sugar and other ingredients such as flavoring, preservatives and binding agents. Used mainly by people with diabetes, glucose tablets help to treat low blood sugar, also known as hypoglycemia. You can purchase different brands of glucose tablets from most drugstores.

Jamie Yacoub
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What Are the Treatments for Numb Feet in Diabetes?

Numbness of the feet may be a symptom of diabetic neuropathy, or nerve damage. Diabetes damages the nerve endings, which leads to neuropathy. One type of diabetic neuropathy is peripheral neuropathy, which affects such body parts as the feet, legs and hands.

Mary Lehrman, Ph.D.
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What Are the Benefits of Spinach if You Are Diabetic?

The American Diabetes Association calls spinach a diabetes superfood and recommends that you regularly include this dark green leafy non-starchy vegetable in your diet.

Kathryn Gilhuly
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A List of Good Foods to Eat for Diabetic Children

Nutritional needs for children with diabetes are the same as children without diabetes. The difference lies in keeping blood sugar levels within a normal range, and meal planning can help.

Hannah Wickford
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Insulin Treatment Vs. Pills for Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition whereby your are unable to properly manage your blood sugar levels without intervention. Type 2 diabetes is a condition when your pancreas produces insufficient amounts of insulin or when your body is unable to properly utilize the insulin in your system.

Joseph Pritchard
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Benefits of Pears for Diabetes

Diabetes increases your risk for developing many other chronic diseases, including heart disease. Your chances worsen if your blood glucose is not in control. Everything you eat contributes to your blood glucose, so choose your foods carefully. Fruit, especially the high-fiber pear, is a good food for diabetics to eat.

Laura Niedziocha
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