Types of False Teeth

Inadequate dental care or periodontal disease may weaken gums to the point where they can no longer support the teeth. If you have missing or damaged teeth, consider using false teeth, or dentures, to improve your smile, speech and ability to eat comfortably.

Emily Beach
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How to Wear Dentures Without Pain

Dentures are a plastic dental appliance worn to replace missing teeth. Partial dentures replace a few teeth and are worn attached to existing teeth. Complete dentures are made in pairs, upper and lower, and are worn when all teeth are missing.

Gail Sessoms
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Swelling After Dental Implant Surgery

Swelling occurs after dental implant surgery for the same reason swelling can occur after any surgery. The operation involves cutting the gum open to expose bone and drilling into the bone where the dental implant will be placed. Sometimes, dental implants are performed in stages, so additional surgery is necessary.

Jerry Shaw
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Dental Implants & Medicaid

The Medicaid program provides health care assistance to persons with low income and limited resources.

Joe Stone
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Dangers of Dental Implants

Dental implants are a popular choice for people who have lost teeth, but who might not want dentures. Because these "teeth" are attached to the jaw with surgically implanted posts, implants can improve a person's nutrition as they make eating more comfortable, much in the same way as real teeth.

Kristie Jernigan
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Side Effects of Dental Veneers

Dental veneers consist of thin, customized, tooth-colored coverings that qualified dentists bond to the outer surface of teeth. Dental veneers can correct problems related to the color, length, size and shape of teeth when properly constructed and attached.

Nathania Maddox
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Implants Vs. Tooth Crowns

Dental implants and fixed bridge crowns are options to replace missing teeth. You and your dentist will need to discuss your individual case to find the option that�s right for you.

Donna Pleis, RDH, BSBA
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Pros & Cons of Valplast

When wearing partial dentures made from metal, you can experience a host of issues ranging from the fixtures being uncomfortable, to the metallic finish looking unnatural. To combat these issues, a partial denture fixture called Valplast was created.

Chris Sherwood
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