Shaun T Tells Fellow Sexual Abuse Victims: "Unleash Your Power"

Fitness trainer and sexual abuse survivor Shaun T speaks out about fellow victims coming forward, explaining that it's incredibly empowering.

Leah Groth
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Causes & Effects of Child Abuse

When a child experiences physical or emotional abuse, the wounds run skin deep. Kids who suffer repeated trauma feel lonely, scared, worthless and unloved, which is exactly the opposite of how children should feel.

Amanda Hermes
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How to Prove Emotional Child Abuse for Custody

An allegation of emotional abuse of children plays a significant role in a child custody determination in a divorce, legal separation or paternity proceeding, according to "Child Custody A to Z" by Guy J. White.

Mike Broemmel
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Bed Wetting and Child Abuse

Bed wetting is a common childhood disorder, affecting between 5 to 7 million children ages 6 and over in the United States, according to the National Kidney Foundation. Problem bed wetting is defined as wetting the bed twice a week on average.

Susan Drew
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