How do I Make Taco Salad Bowls From Tortillas?

If you've ever ordered a taco salad at a restaurant, it probably arrived at your table in an impressive-looking bowl made from a large tortilla, baked or fried to a crisp and just roomy enough to house the salad's greens and vegetables.

Michelle Kerns
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Cricket Bowling Exercises

Cricket bowling can lead to overuse injuries to your back and shoulders, and the more you bowl the higher your risk is. Performing exercises to improve flexibility and strength can help minimize your injury risk. You need to focus on your rotator cuff area as well as your core.

Linda Tarr Kent
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How to Make My Bowling Shoes Slide More

The ability to slide on the bowling shoe with which you take the final step of your approach is essential to providing the power needed for strikes. The trouble is, the shoes don't always slide correctly. It could be because they're new, the approach area of the lanes is sticky, or a worn-down heel.

Jeff Smith
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Tips to How to Throw a Curve Ball in Bowling

Bowlers who seek to better their bowling skills and scores must evolve from rolling the ball straight down the lane to curving the bowling ball, which often is called a hook shot. A curve gives you better control, and allows you to strike the pins at an angle that increases your chances of bowling strikes.

William Pullman
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Ten-Pin Bowling Tips for Beginners

By nature, bowling offers an inclusive sport suited for virtually all skill levels; even your local lanes likely host all manner of bowlers, from casual partiers to hardcore league members.

Dan Ketchum
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