What Causes Eye Capillaries to Burst?

When a capillary in the white part of the eye bursts -- called a subconjunctival hemorrhage -- the appearance of blood can be rather dramatic and alarming. Often, there is no history of trauma to the eye -- the blood simply appears spontaneously.

Dr. Bernadette Hromin, MD
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Blood Shot Eyes When Working Out

After a workout you may notice that your eyes appear red or blood shot. This may occur for a number of reasons but, most commonly, as a result of dry eye or a broken blood vessel in the white of your eye. These conditions do not indicate a serious problem unless you experience sudden vision changes or severe pain.

Kate Beck
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Bloodshot Eyes in Children

Bloodshot eyes occur commonly in children, usually reflecting inflammation of the eye surface. This leads to dilation of tiny surface blood vessels and the appearance of bloodshot eyes. Although this symptom may be alarming, the underlying cause is often not serious.

Mary Bauer
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