How to Treat an Infection After a Cut

Contact your doctor for any skin infection, to obtain treatment advice and necessary medical care.

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What Causes Bladder Irritation When I Drink Soda?

Soda can cause bladder irritation because it contains caffeine. All caffeinated products, and even some decaffeinated products, can cause bladder irritation. Bladder irritation can lead to chronic bladder infections and incontinence, or difficulty urinating.

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Drugs for Bladder Infections That Aren't Sulfa

Bladder infections, also called urinary tract infections or cystitis, are a common occurrence in both men and women. People commonly develop bladder infections due to the E. coli bacteria commonly found in the gastrointestinal tract. According to MayoClinic.

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Gall Bladder Symptoms in Women

You just finished dinner and you have a sudden, sharp pain in your upper side that spreads to your right shoulder. It hurts when you inhale and you feel nauseous.

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Vitamin C & Bladder Infections

Bladder infections, medically known as cystitis, are urinary tract infections commonly affecting women, particularly during their reproductive age, pregnancy and after menopause. Usually they are caused by bacteria and symptoms include increased frequency to urinate and burning, painful sensation while urinating.

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How to Treat a Tonsil Infection Naturally

Tonsillitis is characterized by redness, pain and swelling of the tonsils and throat. It can be caused by both viral and bacterial infections. Tonsillitis may be accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, aching of the muscles, chills, vomiting and lethargy.

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Can Certain Food or Drinks Irritate Your Bladder and Cause Burning When You Urinate?

Burning when you urinate can range from annoying to truly painful. The medical term for burning on urination is dysuria. Although dysuria is a symptom rather than a disease, it is not something you should ignore, as several potentially serious conditions could cause dysuria.

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Distended Bladder Symptoms

Underlying medical conditions cause distended bladder, a condition in which there's an inability to urinate even when the urge is felt. Anything that blocks the urethra from allowing the urine to flow, such as an enlarged prostate or kidney stones, can result in a distended bladder.

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About Early Pregnancy & Bladder Infections

Bladder infections or cystitis are the most common type of urinary tract infection or UTI, and affect between 2 and 7 percent of all pregnant women. Doctors begin screening for a UTI at the very first prenatal exam during early pregnancy.

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Signs of a Bladder Infection in Toddlers

A bladder infection is an infection of the lower urinary tract, affecting the urine-receiving and -holding structure. The bladder receives the urine from the kidneys via tubes called ureters. The bladder becomes a reservoir for the urine until the signal to void is received from the brain.

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Bladder Infections After Exercise or Walking

Bladder infections are typically caused by bacteria, which can be spread through various conditions, including by using some forms of birth control and wearing tight clothes.

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Symptoms of a Bruised Bladder

A traumatic injury to the lower pelvic region can cause a bruised bladder. The bladder is a small organ that stores fluid waste, called urine, before it passes out of the body through the urethra.

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