Making Hard Bagels Soft

The perfect bagel is a mix of soft and chewy. It's heavenly on day one. It's acceptable to eat on day two. But by day three, you may break a tooth trying to eat it for breakfast. When bread dehydrates, it becomes stale. Fortunately, there are several tricks that you can employ to soften a hard bagel.

Jenni Whalen
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The Best Way to Warm a Bagel

When it comes to picking out a bagel, you have several choices. Bagels come in many different varieties, with some -- such as whole wheat -- healthier than others. Bagels come frozen, refrigerated or fresh, and whether you prefer your bagel toasted or soft will determine how to warm your bagel.

Rebecca Slayton
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How to Defrost a Bagel

Resembling a doughnut in shape, bagels are a dense and chewy baked treat originating from Europe. These tasty round breads can be topped with your choice of cream cheese, salmon or jam for a high-carbohydrate, low-calorie breakfast. Bagels are undeniably best when they�re fresh.

Melynda Sorrels
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Nutritional Value of Bagels

Bagels are a cousin of the pretzel thought to originate in the 1600s in Poland. Made from yeast-leavened dough that is hand-rolled, boiled and baked to produce a crispy outer layer and soft, chewy inner layer, bagels come in different types and flavors. The average-sized bagel is around 3.

Staci Gulbin, MS, MEd, RD, LDN
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Is a Bagel a Healthy Breakfast Food?

Breakfast can help you control your weight, be more productive throughout the morning and give you a better chance of meeting your daily nutrient requirements. A healthy breakfast should fit within your calorie budget and include a whole grain, a good source of protein and some fruit or a vegetable.

Natalie Stein
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Calories in a Whole Wheat Bagel With Cream Cheese

A whole-wheat bagel with cream cheese makes a filling and satisfying breakfast, but it works for a quick lunch as well. Besides its complex carbs and protein, this combination delivers B vitamins and calcium.

Grace Covelli
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Blueberry Bagel Nutrition Information

A bagel is a type of bread made from yeasted wheat dough. The baker forms the dough into the shape of a large doughnut and boils it briefly in water. This provides a crisp exterior and a soft, chewy interior. Bagels frequently contain fruit or other ingredients and blueberry bagels are especially popular.

Allan Robinson
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