This Guacamole Has a Protein-Packed Secret Ingredient

Our guacamole recipe is more nutritious, just as tasty and contains more protein to keep you fuller longer because it contains a secret ingredient.

Jess Barron
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9 Trader Joe's Party Food Hacks That Will Transform Your Life

These nine Trader Joe’s party hacks will save you time and money when planning your next holiday party. Your friends will think you toiled the entire day preparing these festive dishes, but your secret is safe with us.

Kelly Plowe
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These 6 Quick and Healthy Snacks Will Support Your Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl LII is coming up this weekend, which means your game-day party is too. Whether you are cheering for the Philadelphia Eagles or the New England Patriots, we have a few recipes to make your party a delicious success.

Bryce Christian
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Easy Swaps to Slim Down Super Bowl Sunday

Even though the Super Bowl isn’t officially a national holiday in the U.S., Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest day of the year in snack-food consumption and second only to Thanksgiving in overall food consumption.

Julie Upton, M.S., R.D., C.S.S.D.
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15 Fun and Tasty Football Snacks

With this beloved American ritual of watching football comes another tradition: tailgating and parties. Fans snack and sip their way through hours of tackling, passing, running and touchdowns every weekend. If you join the ranks of these revelers, you may be interested in some munchies that are tasty and healthy.

Sara Schapmann
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14 Healthy New Year's Eve Party Appetizer Ideas

Yes, it's possible to eat yummy foods and enjoy a festive New Year's Eve party without completely disregarding healthy eating habits. Keep reading to learn about 14 delicious and healthy appetizers to help you ring in the New Year without ramping up the number on the scale.

Sara Schapmann
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What Can I Substitute for Yellow Mustard in Cooking?

Allergic reactions to mustard can range from benign to severe, according to information published on the website of the Food Allergy and Resource Program at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. These reactions can range from skin rashes to digestive and respiratory problems.

Maya Black
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How to Cook Calamari Tubes

Usually breaded, fried and served as an appetizer in restaurants, calamari is simply edible squid. Calamari tubes are the body of the squid, minus the tentacles, and are usually cut into rings or strips. Calamari is low in calories and high in omega-3 oils and protein.

Melynda Sorrels
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How to Bake Potstickers

Paired with a zesty dipping sauce, potstickers make an irresistible appetizer, side dish or light meal. Buy already-made dumplings in the freezer section of grocery stores or Asian food stores, and keep them on hand for a quick snack or to serve unexpected visitors.

Caryn Anderson
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How to Cook Mozzarella Sticks in the Microwave

Few things are simpler than a snack that goes from freezer to plate in a matter of minutes. Many frozen mozzarella stick products can be microwaved, although they'll be less crispy than those that are oven-baked. While the snacks are made to be easy to prepare, it pays to read the label carefully.

Ellen Douglas
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How to Make Mild Sauce for Chicken Wings

Though chicken wings are a party crowd and game-day favorite, not everyone loves the spicy-hot buffalo sauces they are often bathed in. If you, or your guests, want a wing sauce without the heat, you have plenty of choices.

Kurt Schrader
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How to Make Quick Potato Skins

Crispy potato skins generally take up to two hours to prepare when baked in the oven from start to finish, but you can use the microwave to make quick potato skins.

Amelia Allonsy
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