Health Effect of Magnets

It has been proven that some cells and tissues in the body emit electromagnetic pulses. (ref 1) Therefore, proponents postulate, when cells and tissues are unhealthy, the flow of pulses is interrupted, which causes various illnesses of the body.

Raina Casarez
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What Are the Benefits of Magnetic Bracelets?

The idea of using magnets to benefit the human body isn�t a new idea. The "Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine" reports that magnets were a part of the healing arts as long ago as 200 B.C. in China.

Glenda Taylor
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How Do Magnetic Bracelets Work?

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS) magnetic therapy is used to reduce pain and treat ailments in various parts of the body. Promoters say magnetic rings, bracelets and other magnetic apparatus work because certain cells and tissues in the body emit electromagnetic impulses.

Karen Hellesvig-Gaskell
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