Snacks for Diabetics & Renal Failure Patients

People with either renal failure or diabetes already have strict nutritional guidelines necessary for optimal health. If you have both diseases, choosing which foods to eat or avoid can be confusing.

Larissa Gedney
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Acute Renal Failure Symptoms From Overdose

Acute renal failure involves the sudden loss in the kidney´┐Żs capacity to function, according to The kidney is a vital organ that filters excess electrolytes and waste materials out of the bloodstream.

Joseph Pritchard
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How Is Osmosis Used in Kidney Dialysis?

Kidney dialysis is used to replace normal kidney function when the kidneys have become damaged and no longer function properly. The kidneys help control the levels of certain dissolved minerals called electrolytes as well as help filter out waste products (metabolites) that are created by cells using energy.

Adam Cloe
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Causes of Kidney Failure in Young Adults

Healthy kidneys cleanse the excess fluid, minerals and other bodily waste products collected by the blood by producing urine. They also help balance the volume of electrolytes and regulate the pH range in the body.

Dr. Scott Fannin
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How Do Heat Injuries Cause Kidney Failure?

Heat injuries are a significant cause of kidney failure. Heat injuries are generally grouped into two categories--classical heat stroke and exertional heat stroke. Of the two types, exertional heat stroke is more commonly associated with kidney failure.

Yvette LeFebvre, D.O.
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Can Dehydration Cause High Protein in Urine?

Protein does not typically appear in the urine in detectable quantities, according to the Edinburgh Renal Unit. Proteinuria, which is protein excretion of 150 milligrams or higher per day, may indicate kidney damage, but it can also be the result of more benign factors, including dehydration.

Carolyn Robbins
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The Best Foods for Edema

Edema is a swelling of the tissues that occurs when excess fluid is retained within the body. A variety of medical conditions and dietary factors can cause or contribute to edema. Regardless of the cause, the primary dietary method for reducing edema is to limit intake of sodium.

Maran Scott
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Signs and Symptoms of Dying With Renal Failure

The signs and symptoms of dying from renal failure can be recognized with some understanding of what happens in the body as the kidneys fail. The kidneys eliminate toxins as well as manage fluid balance and blood salts, called electrolytes.

Rebecca Dahlberg, MD
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Abnormal Blood Creatinine and BUN Levels

Two laboratory blood tests that measure kidney function are creatinine and blood urea nitrogen, or BUN. Both tests are related and are associated with the complete metabolic profile, or CMP. Either test can be run on a blood sample or urine sample.

L. A. Cargill
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Colace & Senna for Kidney Dialysis Patients With Constipation

Dialysis is the treatment used to replace kidney function after kidney failure. There are two types of dialysis: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Both types cleanse the blood of waste products, help manage electrolyte balance and remove excess fluid from the body.

Amber Wilson
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Fish Oil for Kidney Failure

One of the first questions often asked by newly diagnosed kidney patients pertains to fish oil. While the jury is still out on whether the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil provide long-term benefit for kidney patients, as of 2011, more and more nephrologists are suggesting that their patients begin a fish oil regimen.

Shelly Morgan
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Are Ginger & Garlic Good for Those Who Have Kidney Problems and Are Undergoing Dialysis?

Healthy kidneys manage the balance of electrolytes in your body, such as calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. Kidneys also filter out waste products and extra water, which then is excreted in urine.

Amber Wilson
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